Uranus Transits: 4th House

Uranus transiting the 4th house will impact home life and emotional ties. Uranus represents the element of freedom and free expression. When an outer planet transits the fourth house, it often indicates that a major life change is forecasted. Uranus crossing the I.C. is the most telling time of the transit and the need for an inner breakout is pronounced. A transit conjunct the I.C also forms an opposition to the M.C. The Midheaven represents our career, public life, and social standing. A change in our outer circumstances will also affect our personal life. When Uranus transits this realm and brings revolutionary changes, it usually signals a time that we are crying out for emotional freedom in our personal lives.

The 4th house also rules the parents and so a major life change could occur in their lives; they could retire from work, change careers or move house. If Shocks or any major surprises happen at home, it could make us more aware of limiting patterns and how restricted we feel, it becomes apparent that we need space. If the transiting aspects of Uranus are not difficult, this may be a time of exciting, domestic shifts. When Uranus transits the 4th house, it often coincides with moving home, however, we might decide that only the furniture needs a reshuffle. If you are sick and tired of looking at the same old furniture/wallpaper, now is the time to redecorate. It could be new technology and updated pieces of furniture that we add to the living space. The transits of Uranus always involve some sort of change and progress, even a good clear out of all your “old stuff” that has been cluttering the place and looks outworn can now go. If the house feels claustrophobic inside, make some extra room. The whole place can be revolutionized during the 7-year span that it takes Uranus to travel a natal house.

We could be itching for change right now, so satisfy that itch. Try not to go overboard with changes that may be regretted later, but be open to changing things around a little. We can learn a lot about our resistance to change under this transit and life becomes boring and predictable without a re-vamp now and again. Uranus delivers some new inspiration, ideas, and progressive movements, so try not to dig the heels in too much and be flexible. Now is the time to develop some healthy emotional detachment. Family life may be unstable right now, and It’s OK to ask for more room. Nurturing, feeding, and emotional tenderness will help people to bond, but we also need air to breathe.

Another possibility is a divorce which breaks up the family nest. Maybe our own parents are separating and we might have to respect their need to be apart. Remember, Uranus opens the door to freedom. Some people cling to their old way of life, but if the old way of life is limiting, Uranus will cut loose. Uranus can bring about new revelations and new perspectives on our past, home life, and family. It can awaken us to limiting and restricting family patterns. We will have more objectivity and see clearly the ties that literally bind us. The fourth house is a water house, emotional, bonding, and nourishing, ruling our roots. Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius and 11th house of future goals, groups, and how things “ought to be” and should be. Uranian high ideals can free us from stagnating situations. It can release us from dependency on family members.

The I.C is ruled by the sign of Cancer and it’s the first “sign” of emotion and bonding. The crab needs shelter for survival and a safe place to feel protected. The home is where we can feel the most vulnerable and it’s also where we fear rejection, loneliness, and abandonment. In order for us to grow, sometimes we have to free ourselves from bonds that stifle independent growth and maturity. This transit gives the meaning “family values” a whole new lease of life.

Inner anarchy is what this transit may produce, so you won’t abide by the rules at home. The old mold of traditional patterns can fly out the window. The transit can bring on feelings of alienation at home. Uranus doesn’t care much for “family clan” and “blood ties,” it represents a much broader experience. We can’t live the way others expect us to live. It is important that you get the necessary space to develop and the need for security and freedom may create inner conflict that is bound to shake us underneath. Basically, life at home can be turned upside down.