Sun: The Art of Living

449f49b42d2e964c178d32716292133fThe Sun in astrology symbolizes an all-powerful vitalism, representing the vital force in all human beings. The power of this fiery orb is the source of life – which holds back the terrifying dark. It moves in a future direction and strikes for objectivity, and it is thought of as the “control center.”  In its pure expression, it represents strength, authenticity, and the primary self-hood or “I am.” In essence, it is the light of the soul and represents genuineness, warmth, and brilliance. The more mystically inclined of us, see it as the ‘outer eye’ of individual awareness, the self-referential aspect of our being responsible for our personal identity, and the part of us which seeks the luminosity of consciousnesses.

One may know everything about astrology and make a mess of one’s life. Yet the connection between the astrology and the art of living is there, and for me it provides the clue to the survival of a science which has long been termed a pseudo-science. What, I ask, can be more important than the knowledge of how to live one’s life on earth? Henry Miller, Foreword: His World of Urania

All of us are thought to be from the divine fire, which reflects some larger power in the universe. Psychics have expressed that we were created by a Godhead to be basically and intrinsically whole. Seen in this light, God exists within us all, and we are all a part of Him and we will live forever, and no one will be lost or diminished. In addition, it is a common belief that we are here to evolve our soul and have chosen life to perfect our being. But there is also another awe-inspiring idea that it is actually God who needs us to experience every facet of life. Why does God need us for learning? If God is is ALL KNOWING. Jung confronted this in his controversial Answer to Job (later regretting using the word – God). Carl Jung believed that Yahweh needed humans to carry the task of his consciousness. It is only by each person becoming more conscious that the cosmos gains consciousness.

In other words, the message of the oracle was not “psychic”, but revealed in a flash the essential pattern underpinning the individual’s life, or highlighted the bare bones of a chapter in that life. We are really looking at what we mean by destiny, rather than “fate” in the compulsive sense, and in this respect Apollo’s prophecies are indeed related to the astrological Sun. When we glimpse an inner design or destiny, it gives our lives meaning and gives us something to live for; and we can get insight into that design if we look at the placement of the Sun in the birth chart by house, sign and aspect. Here is our future, the person we are potentially capable of becoming and deeply wish and need to become, if we are to feel our lives have some reason other than eating, reproducing, and dying. We may misinterpret the flash of meaning which the Sun gives, depending on our age, circumstances, and emotional needs and conflicts. But the core story of the individual’s destiny is already known somewhere inside, and this is perhaps why the Sun is so closely connected with vocation, one’s “calling”, or, as Howard Sasportas put it, “a call from the inner Self”. Sun-God Apollon – Liz Greene

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