Saturn in 4th House

saturn in the 4th houseWhen Saturn is in the 4th house it suggests conditions of coldness, isolation and unhappiness in the childhood home. The relationship with the parents may have been restrictive, unloving or unhappy in ways that prevent other people getting close to the individual later in life.

Some individuals had it tough early on, forced to be an adult too soon. Because of this, there is often a powerful compulsion to build a happy abode and, most importantly, secure home later in life.

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]The 4th house rules our family relationships, personal security, and needs for safety.[/pullquote]

When Saturn is placed in this position it is usually the case that the individual carries heavy emotional burdens at home. It may also indicate a difficult upbringing, describing painful feelings and emotional frustration. Mainly a lack of support or some kind of obstruction stemming from the individual’s roots.

Since this domain also rules the father it is generally thought his sustainment is withdrawn or there may be death or divorce symbolising painful separations. The father could be present and exceptionally loving but otherwise proves a burden or disappointment through ill health, chronic weakness of character or drinking.

The family may have been a highly structured one, and Saturn in the 4th house felt deprived in some way. Sometimes emotional separations, oppression and material difficulty are felt in early childhood. Crippling feelings of personal inadequacy can make it difficult for them to receive the emotional nurturing desperately needed. Forgiving their parents and letting go of any resentments they have about the limitations they experienced early in life is essential.

Saturn here suggests a deep lack of inner security due to early experiences. The individual builds defence mechanisms and other psychological barriers to protect their vulnerable side. Saturn in the 4th house tends to over-analyse and examine their feelings and often lacks real emotional spontaneity. As a protective measure, they have learned to be emotionally defensive.

One of the parents was either over-controlling, strict, or the child was made to feel unwanted. Liz Greene terms it as ‘authority without love’ and a generally unsympathetic feeling all around. When Saturn is in the 4th house it can wear the critical and rejecting face of Saturn at home. The parent may have placed more value on parental duty than spontaneous displays of affection.

Saturn in the 4th house can be a tremendous strength, and they can make reliable and self-sufficient people. They need to embrace their past and learn how to be vulnerable and let others nurture them. Sometimes the feeling life is completely blocked, and they fear to be let-down by their family and being imprisoned by the weight of family expectation.

The past needs to be carefully reviewed and viewed in a new light. Saturn tests our ability to be self-sufficient and make our own way in the world. Saturn in the 4th house needs to define real inner-security, but the individual may over-compensate materially, making sure the family have all the necessities they need. They need to build their own solid foundation and invest time and energy into the home.
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