Uranus in 10th House

Uranus in the 10th house can signify restlessness regarding one’s career, and it is important that the individual has a degree of free will choosing their vocation in life. There is a need to be self-employed, independent. Those with this position of Uranus can be strong willed and even rebellious, defying authority, and may encounter disputes with bosses, officials, and supervisors. This person needs to do something creative and stimulating and highly original, even genius. The individual doesn’t want to be bound by societal definitions of what is a correct job or role in society, so these people can be anti-establishment.

This person often has the desire to make drastic changes in their career, wherever Uranus is placed in the chart is where we usually want change, progression, and development of ideas. Uranus in the 10th house brings upheaval and chaos into the career, as there is an exaggerated tendency towards originality and it often shows dramatic changes in business, as well as status in life.

Those with this Placement are sometimes found in careers involving science, technology, space engineering, computers, social welfare, politics, or anything that stimulates their need for growth and advancement in the world at large, and social contribution. Professionally these people are very creative and inventive, and they often work in free-lance. The individual can make a breakthrough in their career, or they may make unpredictable career choices and abruptly end one profession to begin a brand new vocational sphere.

The 10th house rules the parent and they may resist the emotional and material side of parenting the child. Astrologically, Uranus reflects a free spirit and breaks free from any form of bondage. Sometimes the mother has high expectations of the child, and she may be high-strung, unpredictable and a wild-card. Possibly she suffered from breakdowns or was always on the edge of exploding. Uranus hates any form of suppression, and so there may have been an alteration in her life. On the positive side, she may have an interest in new age subjects, metaphysics or astrology.

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