Venus Trine Pluto

The Venus trine Pluto individual believes in the power of relationships and the ability to change and renew relating patterns when necessary. Love is the vehicle for transformation and regeneration, and they’re resourceful and capable of deep love. Partnerships tend to grow with ease and there is an understanding of how to use the valuable resources and power. Interestingly, I found this aspect in the element of earth in the chart of a woman who never had any children or needed to work and was supported by her husband’s wealth all of her life. Usually, favorable aspects between these two planets indicate inheritances and material gifts easily gained through the partner. It also often appears to have a strong and influential set of values, they have deep-set loves of particular aesthetics. On the feeling level, where they mostly operate, the Venus-Pluto type is deeply charismatic and can have a powerful emotional influence over others, especially those of the opposite sex. Sometimes using their attractiveness to manipulate others, without even realizing it. Maybe that’s how that woman got well supported for the entirety of her life.

Relationships have the power to renew themselves on a consistent basis, and those with Venus in aspect to Pluto either love wholeheartedly or not at all. Bonds of loyalty and profound intimacy are expressed in each significant partnership. The individual needs to love with depth, complexity, and wisdom. Also, they have keen psychological insights into the workings of love at these levels, and in some cases are psychologically gifted at intuiting on a psychic level the intricate workings of all kinds of relating; they give awesome advice if you’re looking transform a relationship that’s gone stagnant or can pinpoint exactly what the problem could be in your love life. Knowing and feeling the beneficial power of relationships, it often means that they’re turned off by superficial expressions of romantic love and will always dig deeper in relating in general. Often striving for a mutual depth of affection in a relationship, and even having the feeling there is a sense of destiny connected to all of their interactions.

With this aspect, there is an ease in the way Venus-Pluto expresses their sexuality and understanding of how to meet their hidden desires. The attractions of the type are often deep and far-reaching, and they feel empowered by love in so many ways. Sexually, they exude a mysterious and powerful fascination, and they can usually charm their way into a partner’s affections by knowing their hidden desires with ease. Relationships are taken seriously and they are likely to form long-lasting attachments in both love and friendship. Venus trine Pluto describes a love-life that is rich and rewarding in many ways, and they usually keep control of their passionate emotions. The person is artistic and has a profound sense of beauty and aesthetics and their creative outlet is both deep and moving.

When interacting in a positive way, the planet of love and beauty and the planet symbolizing the principle of transformation can work to express the transformative power of love and creative energy. Another expression may involve an ability to let go; not to try and control others, but instead learn from the challenges experienced in intimate relationships. Intensifying feeling, this trine may express as emotional magnetism, emotional courage and rare depth: a willingness to go through fire for love. Character and Fate: The Psychology of the Birthchart (Arkana’s Contemporary Astrology Series)