Sun Conjunct Venus: Goddess of Love

tumblr_mq2v9rCNWG1qdi6omo1_500The Sun conjunct Venus represents self-expression and love, particularly in the Aphrodite sense, and she brings beauty, pleasure, and value to the world. Aphrodite was the goddess of love in Greek mythology, and she has been both adored and dreaded throughout history. Venus is devastatingly gorgeous as she floats to the shore in a half shell in Botticelli’s artwork, and she is such a sight to see that any man would fall under the spell of her feminine charms and be pulled into her net of love. It is said that the Sun-Venus may manifest itself as a spectacular manifestation of light and beauty, according to Evangelina Adams.

Venus or Aphrodite is constantly naked in her art, a reflection of her unabashed enjoyment for romantic love and physical pleasures, which she expresses shamelessly. While dealing with concerns of the heart, Venus is known for her capacity to strike both mortals and immortals with a strong love for one another. Although our desires are a matter of taste, the ‘pulling power’ that attracts us to others is often equally different for everyone. It represents those mysterious qualities that we are drawn to in others, and they often make no logical sense to family and friends. We can learn a great deal about a person’s eroticism just by looking at Venus’s placement in their horoscope.

Despite the fact that Venus has launched wars over love, is she truly worth dying for? And why is love such a troublesome role in so many people’s lives? Many women are terrified of losing their husbands to very alluring women who, like Aphrodite, arouse envy and create competitors in their wake. In spite of our better judgement, we may sometimes get absolutely smitten with someone, and Venus has the ability to make us fall in love with works of art or items that appeal to our senses. Venus has the potential to arouse pleasant longings in the heart of a person, as well as to transmit the energies of creativity, love, balance, and harmony.

Greece’s goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, is a gorgeous figure decked with priceless gems. She was the epitome of feminine beauty, having everything about her that was enticing. On the other hand, Venus also has a spiteful, envious, vain, treacherous, indolent, and vengeful aspect to her personality. Man’s impulses of the heart, if left unchecked, might lead him to betray his family, abandon his home, and perform heinous actions in the name of one true love. Paradoxically,  the goddess of love also protects unions, allegiances, and marriage; this is because Venus represents the desire to be in a relationship.

When the Sun conjuncts Venus, the conscious self is intensely sensitive to the love of beauty and refinement, as well as to an appreciation of music and art, according to those who have this alignment. It might indicate a strong desire for money and material belongings, as well as a caring and affectionate disposition, which can be endowed with positive and endearing characteristics. Sun-Venus has a strong desire to be appreciated as a person, and it is necessary to have meaningful interactions in their life to fulfil this urge. Relationships have an important role in the individual’s development, as well as their path and destiny. Love, others, and relationships reveal the essence of the self, frequently reflecting back to them their sense of value and intrinsic beauty that they experience in regard to their unique sense of identity in the world.

A peaceful relationship, a balanced universe, and a greater feeling of harmony in their life are all things that Sun-Venus yearn for. The choice of hairstyle, attire, and jewellery for a Sun-Venus personality type must be carefully studied because they are all reflections of their identity. Everything they do, from their home design to their interests and endeavours, contributes to the overall image of their values. Relationships and interactions with people throughout life will, like a mirror, reflect back to them their own unlived lives. As a consequence, they will see the need of infusing their own lives with passion, true values, and the attributes they like in others.