Sun Trine Saturn

Those with Sun Trine Saturn in aspect have a natural drive for achievement and are practical, focused and do not waste their energy, and will use their resources quite effectively. The person is often attracted to positions of authority and is modest about their success.

Having a career is a very important part of their life and gives them a sense of life-direction, purpose and a goal. The individual experiences steady gains and they do not find it difficult to accept responsibility. They have a well-defined path, are organized and possess the self-responsibility to achieve what they want.

The person usually has a conscious about doing the right thing, and can be relied on. The qualities and abilities of the individual include self-management, persistence, and determination. These people like to feel that they are respected, and generally deal well with the challenges and difficulties of the material world.

For women, the aspect often attracts hard working, self-sustaining and stable men. Some of these individuals take a traditional view of life, they stick to the rules and have an instinctive knowledge of how the status quo works. Realistic and geared towards structure and stability, they are also aware of their limitations and prefer slow and steady growth that lasts. Sun trine Saturn people are not usually fans of short-cuts to success and are willing to recognize boundaries.

Those with this aspect usually have a good relationship with older people and those in authority and many can be of help, and offer sound advice that can be relied on. The individual may still have heavy responsibilities like the heavy aspects between the planets, but they are more willing to take them on instead of expecting others to carry the burden.

Sun trine Saturn can bring considerable wisdom and a focus on enhancing their status., and they may gain recognition, promotion, and prominence. The individual usually sets out to make a long-term career and they have plenty of potential of making something out their talents.