Sun: Core Values

tumblr_n73b11DeQW1qlwrezo1_500According to horoscope interpretation, the Sun represents the core of an individual, or the core of any person’s personality. That which we are truly enthusiastic about and how we need to function and connect more thoroughly with the ‘Self’ are revealed by this sunny planet, which is at the base of our identity. Although Jung felt that this nucleus of the soul could not be identified, it is generally represented by a collection of characteristics that we possess. The Sun Sign represents some of our core ideals while also indicating our own development in the direction of these character qualities. The Sun will also provide us with a good, strong feeling of who we are as a result of our experiences. It possesses an invisible wisdom that illuminates a pattern in our lives and provides us with a feeling of purpose. The Sun may also reveal our abilities, as well as the creative aspect of our personalities, and as a result, it demonstrates what can be produced. Due to the fact that it represents the exterior personality that we portray to the outside world, we must ensure that it remains consistent in outer expression.

This luminary represents the road of self-discovery represented by the figure. It expressly encourages us to get more in touch with our narrative and, as a result, to follow a route that is real and leads us towards the fulfilment of our destiny in this lifetime. Also brought into focus by the Sun is our relationship with our father, who reflects something about our own growth and development because he is the ultimate example for how we experience the male aspect of our being.

All future growth is governed by the solar portion of the chart, which is at the heart of our particular psyche, our fundamental experiences, and our sense of self. It represents our feeling of independence and will tell if we are able to convey who we are with warmth and excitement or whether we are a very guarded people who only reveal a few details about our personality. The Sun represents our sense of light, energy, inner-fire, and eternal flame inside ourselves, as well as the creative cosmic principle and a strong sense of “I” in the universe. When a person has the freedom to express themselves, they are more likely to express more of their genuine nature. When the Sun is obscured by planets such as Saturn or Pluto, individuals may experience a lack of vitality or self-assurance, and they may want to conceal their uniqueness.

In order to maintain its individuality, the Sun must shine brightly. We also receive a sense of pride in being a unique and valuable individual. Unfortunately, the majority of individuals are not making use of their Sun and will forego exploring their own creative potential. A sensation of discovering our actual mission and experiencing the sense that we are one with creation, a crucial element of the divine, can be experienced on a regular basis. This is the place where our Rose blooms at its very heart. As the centre of our solar system, the Sun contains all of the traits that need to be more unique and single inside our magnetism and feeling of presence in order for us to be more distinct and singular.