Venus-Neptune in Aspect: Love Made Me Blind

tumblr_nr0ud4iHpp1u0b6ano1_500 (1)Venus in aspect to Neptune, often considered one of the most romantic combinations in astrology, brings a dreamy and enchanting quality to one’s love life. This celestial pairing blends the energies of Venus, the planet of love and beauty, with Neptune, the planet of dreams, illusions, and spirituality. The result is a deeply emotional and ethereal experience of love and romance. People with this aspect are known to have an almost magical ability to infuse their relationships with a sense of otherworldly beauty and spiritual connection. They see love as a transcendent experience, one that can transport them to a realm beyond the ordinary. When they fall in love, it’s as if they are under a spell, and they often find themselves swept away by the intoxicating allure of their romantic fantasies. One of the key characteristics of Venus-Neptune aspects is their tendency to idealize their partners and relationships. They see the best in their loved ones and are often willing to overlook flaws or imperfections, believing that love can transcend any shortcomings. This idealism can lead them to wear rose-colored glasses when it comes to their relationships, sometimes blinding them to red flags or issues that need addressing.

Venus-Neptune individuals are natural dreamers and poets when it comes to matters of the heart. They have a profound appreciation for the beauty of love and are drawn to artistic and creative expressions of romance. They might indulge in reading romantic novels, writing love poetry, or immersing themselves in music that stirs their deepest emotions. For them, love is not just a practical or physical connection; it’s a spiritual and emotional journey filled with wonder and inspiration. However, this deep connection to the spiritual and emotional aspects of love can also make them vulnerable to heartache. They may be pained by circumstances that keep them apart from their beloved, such as long-distance relationships or moral dilemmas that hinder the fulfillment of their romantic desires. The pain of unfulfilled love can be especially poignant for Venus-Neptune individuals because they feel love so intensely, and any obstacle in their path can feel like a profound loss.

When they fall in love, it’s like they’re floating on a cloud of romance, and they don’t see any flaws in their partner. It’s all hearts and flowers, all the time. But here’s the thing, mate. They can get caught up in their own romantic fantasies, you know? They might spend all day reading love stories, listening to sappy songs, or daydreaming about the perfect love. It’s like they’re in their own little love bubble, and it’s hard to bring ’em back down to Earth. And then there’s this other side to it, right? Sometimes, these Venus-Neptune folks can get all tangled up in high-minded ideals and vows of celibacy or moral righteousness. It’s like they’re on a quest for the ultimate, pure, and spiritual love, and anything less just won’t do. They might find themselves in these long-distance relationships, pining away for their soulmate, and it can be a real heartache. When they fall head over heels, it’s like they’re floating on a cloud of pure, unadulterated romance. They’re the ones who see their lovers as these flawless, god-like beings, even when the rest of us might be like, “Wait a minute, they seem a bit dodgy!” Now, for most of us, we’d be out of there faster than you can say “romantic catastrophe.” But not our Venus-Neptune. They’ve got this deep well of forgiveness and a belief that love can conquer all. So, they might try to save their lover, thinking they can change them with the power of their love. It’s like a real-life redemption story, isn’t it ?But here’s the thing, this whole idealistic, love-drunk thing can be a double-edged sword. They might miss a few red flags here and there, and reality might hit them like a tidal wave at some point. They’re so busy living in their own romantic movie that they might forget that real-life relationships come with their fair share of challenges.

Liz Greene says,

I have met people, particularly those with Venus-Neptune aspects, who still pursue such a sacrificial love, although they usually do not do it because of a mystical-artistic philosophy. They do it because they cannot help themselves; they are in the grip of a compulsion. They find themselves desperately longing for someone who is unobtainable in some way or another (married, a member of the priesthood, living four thousand miles away, or just emotionally uninterested or incapable of commitment. 

In the realm of love, there are individuals who often find themselves immersed in a captivating fantasy when they become romantically involved with someone special. These individuals are like soul gazers, perceiving not just the surface but delving deep into the essence of their partner’s spiritual being. For them, love transcends the physical; it soars to great heights of ecstasy and passion. However, this euphoric state can be both enchanting and challenging to come down from once the romantic spell is cast. In this fantastical journey of love, Neptune, the planet often associated with dreams, creativity, and mysticism, plays a significant role. It paints the canvas of life with ethereal strokes, revealing the ineffable beauty and profound depths of the human soul. Yet, within Neptune’s realm, everything is slightly blurred and softened, as if seen through a gauzy veil. This enchantment can sometimes create a sense of confusion, as the lines between reality and illusion become muddled.

It’s as though a potent magic spell is woven over the love life of these individuals, rendering them temporarily blind to any imperfections or realities that might exist outside their idealized perception. This spell persists until some major flaw or discrepancy is revealed. Often, it takes a toxic, unstable, or emotionally dishonest partner to shatter the illusion and lift the veil from their eyes. However, it’s important to note that not all love experiences under Neptune’s influence are mere hallucinations or deceptions. When the planet Venus forms aspects with Neptune, the love can indeed be genuine and magical. It’s like discovering a hidden, underwater kingdom, concealed beneath the waves of ordinary existence. This love is profound, boundless, and mysterious, much like the ocean itself.

For those whose love is touched by the enchantment of Venus and Neptune, the fairytale isn’t just a fleeting apparition. It is a reality, a realm where love is deep and wide, where it flows endlessly and remains as beautiful and secretive as the depths of the ocean. In this magical kingdom, love is a force that transcends the mundane, offering a profound and everlasting connection that is nothing short of enchanting.

So, what happens, right, is that they get caught up in this magical spell of love. It’s like being under a love-induced enchantment, where you can’t see the flaws, and everything’s just perfect. It’s as if you’re under a spell, a magical enchantment that blinds you to the harsh realities outside your idealized bubble. But, my friends, reality eventually breaks through, often in the form of a major flaw or a toxic, unstable partner. That’s when the illusion shatters, and you’re left blinking in the harsh light of truth.

Venus in aspect to Neptune in astrology brings a complex and dreamy dimension to matters of love and relationships. This celestial pairing is often associated with a range of emotional experiences, from idealism and self-sacrifice to the potential for disillusionment and romantic escapism.  Venus-Neptune aspects can symbolize a tendency to make significant sacrifices for the sake of love. Individuals with these aspects may find themselves drawn to partners who are struggling with various challenges, such as addiction or emotional turmoil. They may feel a strong sense of compassion and a desire to heal their partner’s pain, even to their own detriment. These aspects often indicate a deep well of compassion in matters of the heart. Those with Venus-Neptune connections are often empathetic and sensitive to the suffering of others. They have an innate desire to alleviate the despair and suffering of their loved ones, sometimes to the extent of neglecting their own needs.

Love for individuals with Venus-Neptune aspects can feel like a grand theatrical production. This aspect imbues romance with a sense of imagination and idealism, often making relationships feel larger than life. The emotional experiences can be intense and filled with dramatic highs and lows. While these aspects can bring about a deep and profound connection, they can also make individuals blind to the faults and flaws in their partners. The idealized vision of love may lead them to set unrealistic expectations, which can result in disappointment when reality falls short.

On a positive note, Venus-Neptune aspects can help individuals transcend cultural, societal, or personal boundaries in their pursuit of love. Love knows no bounds for these individuals, and they are often open to unconventional or non-traditional relationships. Neptune is linked to the subconscious mind and ideals. When combined with Venus, it can bring to the surface an individual’s deepest desires and longings in love. It may allow them to access hidden fantasies and experience moments of euphoria and bliss in their relationships. Venus-Neptune aspects can provide glimpses of “Heaven on Earth” in love. These individuals may experience moments of intense connection and ecstasy that feel transcendent. These experiences can be incredibly fulfilling and provide a sense of spiritual or emotional fulfillment.

In conclusion, Venus in aspect to Neptune is a celestial dance between love and dreams, compassion and idealism. While it can lead to deep and profound romantic experiences, it also carries the risk of disillusionment and the need for balance between the ideal and the real in matters of the heart. Individuals with these aspects are often on a perpetual quest for the sublime in love, seeking to merge their earthly desires with their spiritual yearnings.