Horror Movie Snow White: Libra

Once upon a time, some pursuing wolves frightened the horses drawing a carriage, and it tumbles down a hill. Dying, the pregnant woman inside orders her grieving husband Frederick (Sam Neill) to cut the baby from her womb, so that at least it might live. Years later, the infant is now headstrong young Lilli (Taryn Davis), who is resentful of her father’s upcoming marriage to Claudia (Sigourney Weaver). Claudia is devoted to the memory of her own mother and installs a magic mirror that belonged to her in a wardrobe in her private room. More time passes; Lilli is now an adult, but her relationship with the now-pregnant Claudia has never improved, though Claudia has never done her any ill.

Claudia loses her baby, and on the same night, gazes into her mother’s mirror, which shows her an image of herself young and beautiful. She determines to rid herself of Lilli. Lilli is walking near the forest when Claudia’s mute brother Gustav (Miroslav Taborski) draws a knife and chases the frightened young woman into the forest.

Lilli evades him, so he kills a pig and takes the heart to a delighted Claudia, who believes it to be Lilli’s heart. She has Gustav put the heart in a stew cooking in the kitchen, and that night as she dines with Frederick, Lilli eats the stew with great pleasure. Later, Frederick and some men search for Lilli in the rainy forest…

The zodiac sign of Libra is often likened to the classic fairy tale of Snow White, and this comparison reveals a fascinating insight into the essence of Libran characteristics and traits. Libra is the 7th sign of the zodiac, and it is associated with a variety of themes, such as high ideals, social perfection, beauty, interpersonal relationships, and grace. Much like the story, where the character Snow White sets out to achieve high ideals in the form of her dreams and goals, Librans are known for their lofty aspirations. They often set their sights on achieving a sense of balance, harmony, and aesthetic perfection in both their personal lives and in the world around them. Librans have a deep appreciation for beauty, whether it’s in people, objects, or art, and they are drawn to creating and preserving an aesthetically pleasing environment.

One striking parallel between Libras and the story of Snow White is their ability to be strategists. Just as the Huntsman in the tale was tasked with carrying out the Queen’s orders, Librans have a knack for diplomacy and negotiation. They are skilled in finding ways to accomplish their goals without getting their hands dirty, often relying on their charm, tact, and ability to persuade others to do the heavy lifting. On the other hand, for some more insecure Libras, there is a need for external validation. This need is reminiscent of the Queen’s reliance on her magic mirror to reflect her own sense of self-worth. In these cases, Libras may seek affirmation from others, relying on the opinions and judgments of those around them to feel good about themselves. This can lead to a certain vulnerability and a fear of disapproval.

However, the true gift of Libra lies in their understanding that goals are more achievable with the support and cooperation of others. Just as Snow White found safety and assistance from the seven dwarfs, Libras recognize the power of collaboration and unity. They excel at building strong relationships and partnerships, which allows them to navigate life’s challenges with grace and finesse. Libras inherently know that working together, they can bring their ideals and dreams to fruition.

The symbolism of the scales in Libra, representing the quest for balance and fairness, is mirrored in the classic tale of Snow White. The Queen’s famous question to the magic mirror, “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” is a poignant representation of the Libran desire for justice and fairness. In the story, the Queen’s obsession with her own beauty and her compulsion to be recognized as the most beautiful in the land highlights the dark side of the Libra archetype. While Libras typically value fairness and equality, when taken to an extreme, this desire for balance can lead to an unhealthy preoccupation with one’s own status and appearance. The Queen’s actions and jealousy of Snow White’s beauty reveal the potential pitfalls of focusing too much on external comparisons and an obsession with being perceived as the “fairest.”

Moreover, Libras are known for their ability to recognize and point out situations where things are not fair or just. The Queen’s reaction to the mirror’s answer demonstrates how the idea of fairness is central to the Libra archetype. When the mirror declares Snow White as the fairest, the Queen’s reaction is extreme and unjust, leading her to seek Snow White’s destruction out of envy and insecurity. This aspect of the story serves as a cautionary tale about the need for balance and the potential consequences of letting a desire for external validation and comparisons distort one’s sense of self. Libras, while being champions of justice and fairness, must also be cautious not to let their own insecurities or the desire for external validation lead them astray, just as the Queen’s obsession led to her dark and unjust actions in the tale of Snow White.

Libra  possesses a wide range of strengths and qualities that make them stand out in various aspects of life. Here’s a look at some of these strengths:

Libras are often driven by a strong set of ideals and principles. They have a clear sense of what they believe in and strive to uphold those values in their actions and decisions. They have a deep appreciation for beauty in all its forms. They can discern and create beauty in art, nature, and interpersonal relationships, making the world a more aesthetically pleasing place. Libras excel at working with others and have a natural ability to foster cooperation. Their diplomacy and charm enable them to bring people together to achieve common goals.

Libras are known for their diplomacy and tact. They can handle sensitive situations and difficult conversations with grace, often finding peaceful resolutions to conflicts. Much like skilled chess players, Libras tend to be strategic thinkers. They consider multiple options and weigh the pros and cons before making decisions, making them effective problem-solvers. Libras also possess the ability to communicate honestly and openly while maintaining a sense of tact and consideration for others’ feelings. This makes them excellent mediators and communicators.

Libras are not only idealistic but also willing to fight for their beliefs and principles. They use their diplomatic skills to advocate for justice and fairness. They have a knack for making thoughtful comparisons between different options, perspectives, or ethical choices, which helps them in decision-making and understanding complex issues. Librans often possess a sharp intellect. They are curious and open to learning, making them excellent conversationalists and lifelong learners.

Libras are natural people-pleasers. They genuinely enjoy making others happy and often go out of their way to bring joy and comfort to those around them. Libra’s ruling planet is Venus, which is associated with love and justice. Libras have a strong moral compass and a keen sense of what is right and fair, making them advocates for equality and fairness. They have the ability to see both sides of a situation, which aids in making balanced and informed decisions. They are open to various viewpoints, fostering understanding and harmony.

Libras often possess qualities or talents that are stereotypically associated with the opposite sex. This duality in their characteristics can make them more adaptable and empathetic. They have a knack for setting the mood and creating a pleasant atmosphere in their surroundings. Libras know how to make spaces feel harmonious and welcoming. Due to their appreciation for order and organization, they have a natural inclination for keeping things in balance and maintaining a structured environment.

While Libra is associated with numerous positive qualities, like any sign, it also has its shadow aspects or negative traits. Here’s a look at some of the darker tendencies associated with Libra:

In their pursuit of balance and fairness, Libras can come across as emotionally detached or aloof. They might avoid emotional confrontations or intimacy, which can make their partners feel neglected. Libras have a natural charm, and in their quest to get what they want, they may sometimes use this charm in manipulative ways, which can be emotionally hurtful to others. Some Libras have a penchant for flattery. They might use compliments and sweet talk to gain favor or manipulate situations to their advantage.

Libras can be indecisive and may seek validation or attention from multiple sources simultaneously, sometimes pitting people against one another unintentionally. While competition can be healthy in love, Libras may take it to extremes. They might compete with their partners or love interests, which can strain relationships. Libras’ love of balance might lead them to play hard to get, creating confusion and frustration in their romantic pursuits. Their pursuit of perfection and idealism can lead Libras to set unrealistically high standards for themselves and their partners, making it difficult for relationships to meet these lofty expectations. Libras’ understanding of the opposite sex can sometimes make their partners feel insecure or jealous, as they may seem too friendly or attentive to others. While this is a positive trait, it can be used negatively when Libras make someone feel like they are the only one, creating false intimacy or leading people on.

Libras, like all individuals, have their own set of fears and insecurities that can shape their behavior and decisions. Here’s an exploration of the fears commonly associated with Libra:

Libras often have a strong aversion to the darker aspects of human nature, such as cruelty, manipulation, and dishonesty. They fear encountering these qualities in themselves or in others. Libras value grace and harmony, and they may fear confrontations, aggression, or harshness. They prefer to avoid situations that involve physical or emotional roughness. Libras fear the possibility of discovering that their idealized vision of love and relationships does not match reality. This can lead to disappointments and heartache. Libras are deeply committed to justice and fairness. They fear situations where they perceive an injustice or unfair treatment, whether towards themselves or others.

Libras have a strong preference for cleanliness and pleasant environments. They fear being surrounded by filth or unpleasantness. Their natural indecisiveness can lead to a fear of making a final decision, as they may worry about making the wrong choice. The fear of ending up in an unhappy or imbalanced relationship is significant for Libras. They strive for harmony and balance in their partnerships. Libras are sensitive to unequal treatment, either in their personal relationships or in the wider societal context. They fear being treated unfairly or witnessing such treatment.

Libras often have a fear of loneliness. They thrive in social settings and can be uncomfortable when they have to spend extended periods by themselves. In their idealistic nature, Libras may fear facing the harsh realities of life, particularly when those realities challenge their optimistic worldview. Libras’ strong sense of aesthetics can make them fear encountering bad taste or being associated with it, including wearing unattractive clothing. Libras appreciate symmetry and balance, so they may feel discomfort or fear when confronted with things that lack harmony or proportion.

Some Libras may struggle with addressing their own emotions, fearing the vulnerability and potential messiness that can come with deep introspection. Libras’ fear of being too dependent on others can influence their decisions and relationships. They may strive for independence and self-sufficiency. Libras are driven by the desire to please others and create harmony. They may fear being perceived as selfish or failing to consider the needs of those around them. Libras often fear the disapproval of others and being seen in an unattractive light. Their self-esteem can be tied to external validation.