The Water Signs: The Enigma Behind Human Existance

tumblr_mprn61p7211qcwiu0o1_1280It is well known that a mystery involves the unknown, the unknowable or uncertain, and by nature the water signs are intriguing and whenever we try and study them, it always feels like there is a puzzle to solve. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the most impenetrable signs to interpret in the horoscope chart. The water signs respond to life in an emotional, sensitive, and instinctive way. The element represents the psychic life of man, and it is the most mysterious, and hard to understand.

Those born under the water signs are deeply sensitive and often oversensitive, overemotional and overprotective, but this also gives them an extra-sensory perception of the invisible aspects of life. Water people understand that we leave a residue of memories, feelings, and emotions behind us. Many watery types are emotionally vulnerable, feeling others pain deeply, empathetic, perceptive and thoughtful types. If others tell them not to feel so deeply, they usually feel even more intensely, unconsciously flowing with the emotional rapids of life.

The water signs are emotional, responsive, and instinctive. The water signs seem to know things intuitively. They want to take care of everyone and envelop those they care about. They feel things deeply and are often overprotective and oversensitive. The water signs struggle with emotions and can be moody. Wherever you have a water sign in the horoscope you will follow your instincts. Astrology for Beginners: A Simple Way to Read Your Chart (For Beginners (Llewellyn’s))

Diving into the sensitivities of the water cycle, we meet Cancer’s receptivity, psychic feelings, and powerful intuition. Scorpio’s interest in life, death, and reincarnation. Pisces fondness for diving into the deep blue ocean of the collective unconscious and swimming those unfathomable depths. It’s not hard to see that here is where we search for answers to the meaning behind life and the human experience on an inner level. All water signs penetrate the hidden meanings of our world and have a compelling sense that there is more to reality than meets the eye.

Cancer is ruled by the luminous/numinous Moon with all of her optical illusions in the night sky. We often stare at her magnetically when there is a Full Moon, and are prone to pondering, reflecting on life and the universe. Our silvery luminary is seen as the receptor for the soul and has been described astronomically as a world shrouded in shadows and darkness possessing an eery attraction and representing mysteries and secrets. The luminary is reflective and connected to the inner-self, ruling our unconscious needs, and begins the journey of the water signs to understand the whole mystery of life and death, beginning from the cradle to the grave.

Scorpio believes there is only one certainty in life and that is death. Scorpio understands about life and death and that death is always with us. The snakelike sign is associated with the underworld symbolizing the deepest and darkest of places. It is also in Scorpio that we confide our deepest and darkest secrets, and plumb the complexities of the human psyche, seeking to understand the roots of our behavior. Scorpio represents occultism and this suits the sign since the Latin word for occult means to conceal or hide. This Pluto ruled energy is related to the hidden sciences, secret knowledge, and involves digging deeper than is comfortable.

Scorpio is all about taking us to the brink, the maximum, and returning. The Scorpion has the ability to lean in quietly, hypnotizing us with our deepest desires, and is a the-devil-made-me-do-it sign. Faust is a Scorpio figure and was said to be the psychological portrait of the human psyche and makes a pact with the devil, exchanging his soul for unlimited knowledge and world pleasures. With Scorpio, the lights are turned off and we journey into the depths of our inner terrain. We journey into the deeper processes of the unconscious. The sign is often obsessed with the unseen world and it reveals the inner detective more interested in what is hidden than on the surface – ruling everything that lies beneath consciousness.

Pisces is on the quest to the other side. The type is drawn to the afterlife and final voyage and possesses a thirst that can only be described as insatiable. Psychedelic drugs are related to this sign and the individual longs to lose consciousness and venture further and further out in search of miracles, angels, and spiritual forces. Pisces is also ruled by two fish connected by a silver cord; our souls are said to be connected to the human body by a silvery thread, and when death takes us, we are released from the earthly plane into the spiritual world.

The Piscean individual has the ability to place themselves in the inner world of another person. This is similar to the actor researching a role and trying to find the inner life of the character. Pisces is symbolic of the total sensory immersion into fantasy and governs over the misty veils of illusion. Pisces is also the mystic, dreamer and connected to the larger collective, possessing the oldest mysteries of all. Perhaps the inexplicable world is unreachable, out of grasp, unattainable by hand. When something is difficult or impossible to understand it is often found through inspiration, art, dreams, and the human imagination.

It is believed in psychology that our emotions produce irrational behavior. The watery soul would argue that there are simply things in life that cannot be explained by science or any other means. The element of water can represent deep feelings that overwhelm us and take us hostage, taking over our mental faculties. Reasoning isn’t water’s primary function, and the unconscious elements of the personality have its own logic. The deepest level of life is found through our dreams, fantasies and hidden desires. The watery parts of the personality are the place where we turn inward and downward.

A planet placed in water is subdued and more inwardly directed. It is emotional in expression gaining a reflective nature. The water signs are where some of the deepest mysteries in life belong, and psychologist Jung believed that one’s imagination should be the guiding star of the unconscious.