The Moon, Emotions, and Diseases

Astrologically the Moon relates to the inner being of an individual. In spiritual astrology, it rules over the soul, and it has also been linked to our passions. Psychology referred to it as the passions of the soul, the inner changes that were impressed upon the individual. Many medical astrologers believe that, out of all the astrological planets, it is the Moon that influences the health to a large degree. Of course every planet can affect our health, and energy always has the possibility of being somaticized. Anxiety, a common feature of the Moon due to its need for safety and security, can express itself through physical symptoms. For it is thought that repressed emotions having no outlet would contain themselves within the body, termed as energetic dysfunction. The discomfort is felt through the body, alerting us with symptoms that something is wrong and we are having trouble expressing feelings, and to flirt with controversy-is often quickest way to become ill. It is thought that if one holds on to negative feelings over a long period of time we plant the seeds for physical illness.

It is common for us to feel stressed and then for our bodies to become vulnerable to colds, bugs, flus and infections. Understandably, there are major debates over this issue, and if often triggers anger as if we are blaming the patient for their disease. Still, there seems to be an ongoing link between our feelings and the body, dating back thousands of years, and one that has come to the conclusion that the body is frequently the “host” to our emotions. The body sends out signals when something is not right, we develop symptoms and feel unwell. One of the primary roles the Moon serves is being the ruler of our emotions, and it embodies the individual in many emotional states that frequently change. The transition of the Moon around the astrological chart takes 28 days to travel 360 degrees of the horoscope and can remain in one house for approximately 2-3days. The emotions of an individual are understood to disturb their rational functions and our ability for clarity and a clear-headed view. The emotions have always been a major factor clouding our judgment, and these sensations range from the ecstatic to the despairing.

The emotional side of the individual in relation to the Moon has often been connected to our irrational responses to which we have no control. One of the tasks with the emotions in relation to mental health and well-being was trying to keep them as balanced as possible. If they were to gain full control of the individual they would overwhelm all reason. The Moon is also an extremely absorbent creature, although she remains unconscious – she feels everything. There are persons who see emotions in a completely negative way, believing the individual should gain control of the illogical. The Stoics, for example, where the type of people that taught others, they must take control of their “destructive emotions” to be a clear and unbiased thinker. They held on to this philosophy with an iron grip, and part of the aspect of freewill meant not being enslaved to such emotions as fear, anger, jealousy or envy. Indeed, it could be said that the unconscious trips us up many times throughout life, and this is evident in those times that we make the famous “Freudian slip.” Carl Jung used the word Trickster describing the unconscious, and the instinctive reactions, others have called these responses the involuntary nature. The unconscious represents those things that we are unaware of, but when there is a trigger there is a reaction, response, and instincts that come to the forefront. Astrologically the Moon shows our most vulnerable point, but sometimes to really know ourselves, we have to become familiar and acquainted with the unconscious, and understand our basic drives, needs, and habits.

Without the Sun in our natal chart, we would most likely experience all of our feelings in their raw, unprocessed, animal-like nature, as the solar energy represents our self-consciousness. Many people wonder why they respond to others, places, and events in certain ways and it is the astrological Moon that possesses some of these answers. The emotional states are therefore closely connected with the state of our bodies. The Stoics believed that emotions were something we suffered “pathologies of the mind.” The Stoic analysis of the emotions was more in line with the thought that the turbulence of the emotions reflected something disturbing in the personality, or disorder of the soul. The emotions were supposed to be largely passive states, and these instinctual emotions are what we have in common with animals and the powerful need for food, security, and safety. Animals feel fear, anger, and contentment, but they don’t possess a rational nature like human beings.

The things we feed ourselves, the food that nourishes the body have a direct impact upon the health of our being. The Moon is the receptacle pertaining to our basic survival needs. The foods that we put into our body can reflect our emotions. For example, eating disorders show challenging feelings of not being good enough or emotional problems that are troubling us and we use food as comfort, self-nurturing, and our relationship with food links back to our relationship with ourselves. It could mean there are deeply rooted fears of abandonment, perhaps the individual felt they were denied love in their childhood, or there could have been mental and physical abuse, sexual cruelty, and fear. Most behaviors are rooted in the formative years of a child’s development. Joseph Rhawn, a neurologist, says, “emotions are first and foremost experienced in relation to the body, and it is via the body that they are expressed.” Additionally the body also runs on automatic without any conscious effort, we don’t need to think about sleeping, breathing, or the functions of our body. The heart beats, the lungs supply oxygen, and everything runs as part of our biological system. The Moon governs over the biological rhythms in plant, animal and human life. The Moon goddess in astrology also governs the menstruation cycle, breasts, stomach and childbirth. The Moon’s gravitational pull on the sea and the rising tides and all liquids on earth, the human body is made of about 80 percent water. Many lunar afflictions result in water retention, painful periods, and stomach upsets.

The Moon also relates to our gut feelings and if we feel unsure about somebody we feel it in the pit of our stomach, our skin crawls, or we feel shivers all over. Other Moon-like aphorisms in relation to our body are things that we can’t stomach, a gut wrenching experience, and feeling like our heart has been ripped out of our chest during a painful relationship. The lunar part of the personality acts as a receptor, when we think of something there is usually some kind of response in the body. When we have been on an emotional roller coaster ride, at the end of it our bodies feel it all. We can be lacking in physical energy, exhausted and completely depleted. In addition the body through times of stress, sadness, happiness and anger trigger hormone releases. The mind-body link has always been a massive topic discussed in psychology and how our thoughts influence every aspect of lives.

I read something interesting concerning the emotions from the History of Psychology that put the emotions into 5 stages which I found particularly helpful. We can speak of emotions as (1) inner feeling, the person felt saddened by the pain and suffering he witnessed on the news. Or the emotions viewed as (2) physiological responses like when we feel butterflies in our stomach when we have a job interview, or we may actually feel our blood boil when someone annoys us and we turn red in the face with anger. Then there were the (3) animalistic responses of the emotions, meaning when someone acted out those emotions they were compared to animals. Then we have what The Stoics would term as (4) diseases of the mind. In this case, and on the astrological side of things, we may have the Moon in Scorpio person “insane” with jealousy. The Moon in Capricorn person “paralyzed” with fear. Lastly, the emotions viewed as a (5) driving force where the Moon in Scorpio individual is “fueled” by the emotion of jealousy and may have lost all control.

In astrology we have astrological symbols that take precedence over our nature. For instance, if one has the Moon in Pisces represented by the fishes we refer to the emotions flowing with the currents, diving deep in the emotional terrain, being oversensitive to the environment. The Moon here could be said to go to pieces, fall apart, and be gullible, falling for others hook, line and sinker. The Moon in Scorpio, another water sign, can be said to go off at the deep end, especially when their emotions get out of control after becoming so angry and upset. Also, being ruled by the Scorpion they often lash out in self-protection using the famous sting. The Moon in Sagittarius is half man and half horse, the horse side run wild, and possesses a powerful need for freedom, and is also named the most volatile of the fire signs. The man-side of the personality, and the part of the individual with big questions, has a strong need for justice with the gift of seeing life as a journey.

Below there are listed some lunar interpretations, but I am of the firm belief that the whole chart spells out many of the health issues. On the energetic level, there are many other aspects of the personality that are blocked, feel tense, and where we repress emotion so that it finds its expression through the body (Moon). Please bear in mind that the astrological readings are focused on the more negative emotions and will be a depressing read, and many of these health issues are things that could possibly manifest. I have also been honing in on the possible emotional conflicts and general dis-comfort of the lunar aspects in the horoscope.

Sun-Moon aspects: 
This astrological contact has been known to cause some damage with the eyes; it could be a psychic response to the harder aspects (square and Opposition) seeing two different sides, the individual being pulled in different directions, with a conflict between the heart and mind resulting in a lack of internal harmony. The aspect is one of inner conflict and has frequently represented parents at odds with each other in childhood, and a torn sense of self. The Sun and Moon are the King and Queen of the chart they are both powerful and when at odds with one another it creates a great cosmic tug in the individual’s life that can be difficult to reconcile. The Sun-Moon person may have intense mood fluctuations, difficulty with women in their lives, and some Moon ailments may occur with a difficulty in fluids. Sometimes it leads to a general uncomfortable feeling within the individual and so the sense of self as a separate person has conflicting goals. The Sun in astrology rules the heart and general vitality of a person.

Moon-Mercury: Is thought to be the worrier creating a mind-body connection in the most obvious way, the individual’s thoughts create anxiety and the focus is usually on the emotions, so it can be difficult to divert the mental energy, especially in the case of the hard aspects. It can be linked to breathing problems of the respiratory nature, mental disorders, and basically the individual needs to look at ways of being more calm and relaxed. Here we focus on the Mercurial element and its relation to the body, the logical mind being strongly influenced by the emotions. The over-critical mother may have been a feature in childhood, and it can lend itself over to gossip, slander, where the nervous system is greatly affected. The person could be sensitive to criticism and being critical invokes a sensitive response, many Moon-Mercury people are writers, avid readers, or in the communication field, so working on reducing mental over-stimulation usually helps. The person may be interested in health or could be fascinated by the body because they are a hypochondriac.

Moon-Venus: It is thought this pairing can bring lady troubles on because both planets relate to the feminine with emotions and self-worth, and feelings related to the mother. Sometimes there are hormonal troubles; there could be underlying conflicts of being a woman in the sexual sense and a mother. It can produce laziness, self-indulgence, when the moods need a pick me up via sweets and plenty of sugar, plus other Venusian luxuries determine the emotional scales being in balance. The planetary aspect may need to learn to balance out this energy; sometimes the child was fed emotionally with sweets and spoiled in the place of real affection. There is a pull between emotional security and the expected role of the woman and the individual’s desires, it can be tempting, erotic, flirtatious, and there can be jealousy, rivalry, and spitefulness in female friendships. It can show difficulty in marriage when the mother image and the beautiful goddess both want air time. The person can be artistic and needs beauty in their lives there can kidney trouble, problems with the ovaries. Venus is symbolic of the ability to balance and regulate, ruling over the hormonal function. It also rules the bladder and women commonly get urine infections.

Moon-Mars: With this combination we are looking at the way anger affects the body through the emotions. The child may have grown-up in a volatile household; the mother may have lost her temper repeatedly. It can be symbolic of burning stomach issues, heating up, and migraines. The person could suffer from accidents to the head or burns/scalding mostly due to being impatient or in a hurry. The warring nature of the contact may create destructive acts in the heat the moment. The usual softer side of the Moon is rough and more selfish, or a powerful sense of independence is present. Other problems are indigestion, heartburn, and Mars also rules over the sexual problems, inflammatory problems. It also governs the immune system, and our ability to fight disease.


The emotional excess and exaggeration can lead to overeating, too much food and drink, going overboard, over indulgence trouble digesting fat. The person needs to learn moderation, it is a reflection of the huge appetite for life. It may lead to liver problems, and difficulties with the thighs, pituitary gland, and growths. Another aspect that one has to watch out for is laziness and being emotionally OTT. Moreover, there has often been too much vanity and importance, so watch out for overextending oneself.

Moon-Saturn: An aspect associated with chronic illness, especially the conjunction, it can make the individual feel elderly. The insecure nature of the aspect and feeling of low self-worth could indicate proneness to depression, a bleak emotional experience, and of feeling unloved. There may be reproductive difficulties, but it could depend on a lot of astrological factors. Astrologically Saturn tends to block areas and so fertility may be low. If some kind of emotional coldness is felt in the early environment they absorb these feelings, likewise they can be quite mean with themselves. A difficulty in expressing the self emotionally, leads to much frustration and unhappiness. The emotions feel like lead at times, bringing the whole spirit down, there may be shyness, and a feeling of hardship and harshness. The contact can symbolize the overly burdened person, ill health, feelings of poverty, loneliness, many disappointments, inhibitions, withdrawal, fear of rejection and humiliation. The major area for Saturn in the area of health is connected to the skin, bones, teeth, rigidness, chills, flu, and arthritis, difficulty in childbirth, back problems, and paralysis.

Moon-Uranus: The emotions tend to be erratic and unstable it can create anxiety problems, along with feelings of always being hyper alert. The menstrual cycle could be all over the place, with emotional breakdowns, and a stressed out body overall. The person is always on edge, perhaps a ramped up version of the mental energies that applied to the Moon-Mercury aspect, so the feelings tend to be easily aroused and amplified. The compulsive need for freedom and chronic dissatisfaction with reality reflect a personality that seeks constant change and brand new experiences. The problems may occur with neural activity, hyperactivity, and watch for electrical objects, over-excitement, insomnia, peculiar bodily rhythms, disruptive, uncomfortable, volatile feelings, palpitations, tremors, twitches, seizures and stroke. Health concerns with Uranus are often connected to the brain the mental functions, and also accidents that happen suddenly.

Moon-Neptune: The emotions soak up everything in the environment and there is a powerful need to connect to everything, leaving the boundaries wide open. Alcohol and drug problems, even those prescribed. A dependency on medication, martyrdom, escapism, problems with reality, and unusual swellings could occur. Unfulfilled expectations of life and love leave them emotionally unsatisfied, and can often result in a bittersweet melancholy. May suffer hallucinations, forgetfulness, and there is sometimes a link between Alzheimer’s and Schizophrenia, self-deceptions, reclusive tendencies, invalid, unstable emotions, a sense of suffering, feeling the victim. A sense of feeling tired all the time, weak, lethargic, difficult to diagnose problems, nebulous feelings, problems with the pineal glands, and immunity disorders.

Moon-Pluto: Similar to Moon-Saturn with the emotions becoming blocked there may be guilt, self-loathing, shame, and there is also massive suppression here with feelings of a dark, intense nature. The Moon-Pluto type holds onto anger, emotional hurts, past relationships and commonly finds it difficult to let go/release. The toxic emotion builds up in the body, plus the individual broods and possesses a volatile nature, and cannot bear being laughed at, teased or humiliated. The feelings are buried deep, there are also strong ties with the mother, but often a difficult relationship filled with hate and resentment perhaps cruelty. The mother-child relationship may also be extremely close, and the individual feels enormous emotional changes, along with extreme emotional states as an all or nothing and tremendous feelings of jealousy and need to control. The individual could have heavy menstrual cycles, complications in reproduction, abortion, pregnancy problems, difficulty in childbirth, ovarian cysts, cancer, ulcers, OCD, piles, cervical disorders, poisons, abortion, hysterectomy, life threatening illness. Mars-Pluto has often been seen in the charts of those with Aids; people with large growths usually have Jupiter-Pluto in contact.