The 12 Princesses of the Zodiac

The Aries princess is the strong, independent figure, crusader, and champion, willing to stand alone. Such a woman is powered by the love of adventure, passion, and an entrepreneurial spirit. The Arian has a primal quality within, a willingness to stand up for others.

The ram rules the beginning of spring – starting the process of spinning everything in motion. Aries is symbolic of the birth of everything new. While often having a rich life, the flow of energy is imbued with single-mindedness, and the Arian will probably face tough battles in an ascent to be Queen of the kingdom. In this heroic sign, we also find someone who is sometimes too hot to handle and may be prone to throw temper tantrums such as slamming doors, yelling, and breaking the dishes. Aries is the basic concept of the consciousness of existing, exploring every possibility, and is simply the human…being.

Happy Ending: When Aries powerfully emerges into the world, living out their cosmic destiny, it usually involves a heroic tale. Often found following some kind of creative vision, breaking new ground, and using initiative, the common theme is boldly taking on a new enterprise while conquering and asserting the needs of the self. When the brave and courageous nature is utilized along with a pioneering energy, the result can be the pursuing of a cause or an act of rescuing which could mean fighting on behalf of others. According to Charles Carter, the first four signs are experimental and in them we see the subject experimenting with fresh powers. This couldn’t be truer for the first sign of the zodiac and as Carter says: Aries is the beginning.

The Taurus princess is the symbol of fertility and erotic pleasure. An earth goddess, symbolizing the principle of reality, and the rich colors of nature.

The Taurean has a talent for creating tangible results, there is a deep desire for material success, paying attention to beauty, luxury, and possessions. Art is a powerful draw, feeling the textures, and sensing the colors that fill this soul with creative potency, ready to burst with lush beauty. Watch out for stubbornness, but this willful nature also means that Taurus is one determined cookie and isn’t easily swayed from goals.

Happy ending: The goal is never achieved quickly, but Taurus is the most patient and ever so natural beauty, tending to wait till something grows in its own time. All earth signs possess the ultimate wish of witnessing their efforts made tangible in the world. The Taurean utilizes any talents and skills, and earns material security and stability, along with a secure job. The earthy nature of Taurus does not show all their goods in the shop window, taking the time to flower. The end product will be something of beauty to the world. Ultimately, the desires of this royal maiden are often simple – love, sex, shelter and food and retaining things as they are.

The Chinese say that good things come in pairs. For Gemini, duality is an important concept in life. Here we have two feline princesses, for the price of one.

Gemini symbolizes the concept of dual things and embodies night and day, yin and yang, good and evil and is simply breathtakingly multidimensional. In working out this opposition in their nature the type finds joy in being several places at once, and there are always two roads to travel. The inner division also reflects the ability to do many things at once. A Gemini needs the freedom to communicate and has the ability to observe and learn things at speed. The Twins are similar to the mind that darts back and forth, approaching life with the spirit of curiosity. We often say curiosity killed the cat, but in the Gemini’s world  – over-possessiveness, frustration, boredom, suffocation, depression and not allowing room to breathe — is death.

Happy Ending: Always likes to know what is going on around the environment. Must have a role as a communicator, writer, and reporter. The wonderful gifts are expressed through everlasting youth; the Peter Pan always containing the elixir of radiant, multifaceted energy, light, and ethereal spirit. A Gemini needs to have stimulation everywhere, realizing that nature is filled with multitudes, their versatile nature traverses over many ideas uniting the world through the medium of sparkling intellectual connections.

The Cancer Princess is filled with imagining, luminous dreaming, and illuminates the darkness surrounded by thousands of shimmering stars. Everything is more magical in her realm; she will make you aware of all the mysteries of life as well as guiding and protecting the inner-soul.

Ordinarily, the type is deep, understanding, and psychic. Silvery Cancer is the most feminine and womanly creature, but watch out for moodiness, wallowing in emotions, and retreats into a private inner world. The Cancerian is defending a deep vulnerability, using self-protection for those delicate soulful longings. The Cancerian is the most intuitive, nurturing, possessive brooding and snappy. Yet, we also see the most sympathetic, and many do not compare to the depth of feeling.

Happy Ending: Often a family or a place to really call home, which is really a longing for security and shelter. Cancer is the first sign of the watery triplicity and the zodiac, in general, to get us in touch with the deepest, moonlight mysteries of life and the imaginative world. The Cancerian flowers when using a most valuable gift – the imagination. The lunar side of this goddess is also considered the ‘seat’ of the emotions and a feeling of protection is vitally important. To be the mother of all things, as Jung puts it – to be a vessel.

The Leo princess revels at being center stage, twirling around in the total brilliance and luminosity that symbolizes all life, vitality, and strength. The holy inner divinity and life-giving source of the Leo story often involve facing the dragon or the serpent or Mother Gothel.

Leo loves to be playful and wants to be noticed, so if you are looking for a wallflower you might need to go elsewhere. The type is a radiant, glowing, divine cup of energy. Falling in love is a way to self-discovery and to find out their true inner potential. A Leonian is so warm, big-hearted and generous, but the type can also be stubborn, willful and determined.

Happy Ending: The greatest happiness comes from discovering their gifts, taking a lead part in the ceremony, and having one’s birth celebrated. Another aspect of Leo involves getting in touch with an inner divinity, and feeling there is a special destiny to fulfill. Making other people happy is a strong expression of Leo and it involves giving light to others. In the same way, the Sun gives life-giving energy to the other planets in the solar system. At times theatrical but always entertaining, a Leo must always follow the aspirations of the heart.

The Virgo Princess focuses on improving the body and mind. Often a more reserved, private, and deeply thinking type. The most unassuming great beauty of the zodiac. The humblest of all the princesses.

The Belle of the ball often abstains the wifely role and is usually found turning down the likes of Gaston. Never one to be showy, this angel has a quiet elegance, combined with a studious mind. Intent on finding the answer, Virgo is the fixer of the zodiac, tending to the necessary details in life. The indoor type, often with a nose always in a book, and loving anything to do with self-improvement. The ideal prince is someone that understands such a fondness for book learning and notices the exceptional skills in crafting, writing or reading and knack of finding beauty in what is pure with the noble spirit of the servant.

Happy Ending: An orderly world is pleasing, and perhaps a large library of books with an attainment of knowledge, as long as it aids the development of the mind. The art of distilling remedies from plants, show this beauty’s talent and reflects a healing nature. Above all, there is a longing to be useful and not to just hang off a man’s arm as a decorative piece. A potential partner must realize there is a deeply capable intellect, ingenuity, and also the intense need for privacy. Our Belle radiates a clever, practical discriminating personality restoring the outer world and making it more efficient by bringing all of the insights of the earth itself to the world in the most delightful way.

The Libra Princess finds joy in harmonizing, in beauty and justice. The type may have to face many jealous rivals. The Libran mirrors others tastes and preferences. The most likeable of them all finds many men (a woodsman and 7 dwarfs to be precise) to aid in times of distress.

Libra is so well-liked, but often invites comparisons, and is concerned with all things ethical. Shining as a radiant source of everything elegant, charming, and attractive. The Libran is amazingly tolerant and loving and enjoys playing the role of peacemaker.

Happy Ending: Our fair lady loves peace and harmony in life, there is also the urge to find a perfect partner a significant other to share life. The charming beauty has intelligence and is a clever strategist enjoying a vocation that involves bridging opposites and finding the ideal situation for everybody involved. The Libran Aphrodite loves working with others, but sometimes is impossibly idealistic and is just not capable of nastiness or aggression. Symmetry, balance, and mirroring are art forms art. Life, though, may involve the fight between good and evil or the beautiful and ugly, believing that goodness will always win out in the end. Libra, surely, is the fairest princess in the land.

The Scorpio princess is gifted with the ability to unravel mysteries. This dark angel has extreme depth. The Scorpion senses the call of the transformative energy when it’s near.

Undeniably, the essence of a dark and cold winter’s night. The type is somewhere in the shadows, in a dark underworld, penetrating into a black mysteriousness, and emotional intensity. Carrying the whole cycle of life-death-rebirth in the soul, the Scorpion lives in extremes and extremity. This poison ivy is simply unforgettable. Holding secrets jealously – the Scorpio is always quick to reveal what is underneath.

Happy ending: A good mystery to solve keeps the type interested in life. Exploring human nature; subjects such as psychology and the occult completely fascinate from head to toe. Scorpio lives and breathes for secret knowledge, esoteric study, and anything cryptic. Magnetically beautiful, and smoldering like a volcano, when it comes to happiness there is a longing to descend into the depths of life, living with passion. With richness, complexity, and soul, life must be dramatic. Emotionally close relationships fare filled with extraordinary devotion. The kind of loving the dark Scorpion expresses can seem disturbing to more airy types, but totally addictive for everybody else.

The Sagittarius Princess is expanding horizons and wants to understand human consciousness, often a teacher for this reason. The fiery gal has an optimistic spirit, large appetite for life and is highly spirited. Watch out for a rowdy and uncontrollable side.

The Sagittarian has a special benefactor god watching over their life, and so there’s plenty of reasons to smack that behind. If you take on this woman you take on the mighty. Actually, the Sagittarius will bring so many blessings into the union. This wild beauty takes chances on life, and is never afraid to gamble, placing faith in the universe. The Sagittarian can be found smiling in wonder at the world, marveling at the magnificence of life. In return, the universe gives Sagittarius a knowing wink and smiles right back.

Happy Ending: To have fortune. To always be learning. To keep the faith. Viewing heaven’s illuminating path, ultimately, the type would really love to solve life’s greatest mysteries. The search for answers brings so much joy and meaning. Well suited to academic subjects, for broadening the mind is about discovery and traveling down many paths. Perhaps restless forever, but always glorious in the quest for knowledge, and everybody admires the endless journeying.

The Capricorn princess is the one in full command. Building a dazzling city, the type can often be found in isolation, hiding away, and often through circumstances that serve to inhibit delay and cause frustration.

The Capricorn takes on the weight of the world and is superb in utilizing innate organizing skills and incredibly realistic. Some call the sign conservative and there is an element of playing hard to get but there’s an availability to those who are willing to wait. The problems that arise are related to anxiety and fears turning the Capricornian into an ice maiden.

Happy Ending: To climb life’s mountains. To achieve goals. To live out ambitions. Capricorn needs to make a solid contribution to life and be viewed with the respect that is more than deserving. A hard-working soul. As a child needed to grow up quickly, and may not have played as spontaneously as others. The type is always holding back, and always needing to be in control; there lies within a need to completely let go to joyful abandonment. In later years Capricorn fully blooms into this gorgeous, glittering ice queen, and it can be quite the transformation. It  hasn’t come easily for there have been times of being is forced to make their own way in the world. Alone but self-sufficient, the powerful gifts acquired through struggle is the icing on the cake for our snow angel. In time, real strengths are realized and the meaning of time and experience are deeply appreciated.

The Aquarius princess is futuristic and replaces old, outworn structures and improves the world at large. The Aquarian innovative soul is made of stardust, with a talent for illumination.

The lady is electrifying and has the power of lightning along with the greater vision for mankind. The Aquarius has thunderbolts of inspiration right at their fingertips. A dazzling intellect, ideas jump through time, travelling at the speed of light. There is a deep connection to the collective, taking us to unimaginable places and riding on the crests of the future. The Aquarian is sharp in their perceptions, shaking the world into realization and is also known as the Great Awakener.

Happy Ending: The starry-eyed one needs to be a part of progress and change. Longing to offer freedom to all by breaking the chains of the past and setting so many souls free. The sign is filled with electrical impulses, pours forth inspired knowledge, refreshes minds, and awakens individuals. Transforming nature and changing the world makes Aquarius extremely happy.

The Pisces Princess is the deepest on the spiritual level. Shimmering with translucent beauty and bathing in the universality of the human spirit. The enchanting Piscean rules over our oceans of life, filling us with inspiration and cleansing the heart, body, mind, and soul.

Pisces is connecting the ethereal world with present reality. Guided by light, art, and emotions that carry the soul across many boundaries. Like a kaleidoscope of colors capturing every color of human feeling, it is common for loved ones to feel jealous of their creative outlets, for more time is spent in the imagination than in reality.

Happy Ending: Longs to inspire people and reveal this other world, which is beyond the struggle of life. Delves into the divine mystery behind human life and searches for answers found in a magical kingdom. The type is most content only when diving deep into the hidden world of the unconscious. Pisces is at their saddest separated from the source, and this often calls for solitary pursuits, and a need to wander into the painted landscapes of a wonderful fantasist. Overall, a beauty that is hard to describe in words: flowing, soulful, yearning, and living in the unimaginable depths.