Taurus: The Shadow Side

Taurus is the flower of the earth, and represents the part of the personality that discovers the sensual pleasures, colours of nature, physical body and sexuality. Freud, a Taurean,  is commonly referred to when this sign comes up in a reading, because of his obsessed notions that all psychological complexes stem from sex and bodily functions, suggesting we are slaves to our instincts. Taurus does rule over all the basic needs and “natural desires” representing our biological instincts for food, sex and shelter and it may reflect our simplest level of programming with this powerful urge to preserve what we have, and it is a survival instinct.

With the evolvement of the zodiac signs, Taurus is the first to look out into at the environment and perceive nature and this natural world is a source of interest, fascination, and affection and while wanting to possess life there is also the need to savour it. All the earth signs realize the powerfully healing ability of nature with its capability of restoration. According to Isabel Hickey the house where Taurus is ruled we are apt to be locked up in the world of matter. Also stating that the negative qualities that Taurus has to overcome are possessiveness, jealousy and greediness. These qualities are based on a fear of loss, so therefore this is where Taurus’ Shadow may arise as I believe they often are born of our greatest fears.

Astrologically Taurus is a fixed sign, and according to C.E.O Carter The Zodiac and the Soul the fixed nature of a zodiacal sign usually relates to a pleasure-pain consciousness. There is a love of food and comfort, often wanting to seek the pleasant and avoid the toxic. The fixed signs have been associated with The Father (fixed), the mother (cardinal), and the child (mutable) and this is a deeply fascinating way of looking at modes dreamed up by the late Charles Carter. It would suggest, and excusing the stereotypes, that the fixed mode are more in control, with a power seeking propensity and with strong desires and ability to pursue and achieve goals, but there is also the element of non-movement in the fixed signs and the worst kind of stubbornness. More so where Taurus is concerned because of the solid and unmovable nature of earth appearing reassuringly firm.

Those with significant planets in Taurus are commonly concerned with possessions, and desiring material things and earthly delights. The planet Venus rules over Taurus governing the attraction to beauty, but is susceptible to desirous appetites. The Bull can be a practical, no nonsense business and money sign, and at the same time artistic, romantic and exceptionally gifted at music. Taurus rules the second house of financial prospects, but it would be wrong to only limit the house to material possessions as it says a lot more about the sense of value and self-worth and on every level what makes us feel ultimately secure.

Astrologer Liz Greene says that there is a division in Taurus that needs some reconciling along the lines of its powerful nature.

“The ego perhaps needs to come to terms with the bestial bull itself divided between its coarseness and its grace. Astrology of Fate

The Taurean loves what is familiar, and rules over all the natural growth cycles of life and its resources. The individual is extremely jealous in love, and there is usually a strong desire to have a quiet life, one that is pain-free and involves the attainment of the things that are desired. Karmic astrology always points towards the development of inner security, rather than the heavy reliance of a partner, job, money or any of the status symbols that any individual may use as a symbol of safety.

Astrologer Liz Greene in Astrology for Lovers reveals the shadow side of Taurus and it involves using other people. “It ties up with this longing to find meaning, his search for the glamorous, the mystical, and the dramatic.” Most interpretations call for the Taurean type of individual to encompass the spiritual life and that there must be a pairing between the spiritual and physical aspects of the world. In depth astrology the signs are drawn towards the opposite psychological element one that often needs developing in life, and this would be fire in earth’s case and the natural opposition – water. Somewhere in the Taurus personality is a need for touching something transcendent, usually this is seen in a personality where a characteristic or quality is overblown in the personality and becomes exaggerated. In psychology it means that it makes a hole in the psyche, one that desperately longs to be filled creating a vacuum. It is more if these traits appear in strong form and a great deal of it has to do with the attachment level in their lives, there is a need for quality, and finery with money spent on indulgences.

Some of the major lessons with Taurus are learning when to let go, and how to break out of ruts. In a Taurean chart, it is essential to look towards Venus and its aspects – a strong Venus will have healthier issues of self-esteem. Aphrodite herself wasn’t always the most pleasant of  planets as most would have us believe,  inflicting love passions and revenge through erotic lunacy and in mythology was horribly spiteful creating unhealthy obsessions. Venus has been at the centre of  many “crimes of passion” and “fatal attraction” being the inpulling aspect of desire. All of this can do a great deal of harm to our self-esteem. Often Venus needs balancing in the chart and we examine what draws one person to another and also relating to the impulse to feel lovable. Venus shows how a person loves and how capable the person is in giving and receiving. The Taurean as well as facing these shadowy issues, must also balance love and work on the area of self-esteem if any of these fears present themselves in their life.