Saturn in Vigo: Mind, Body and Feeling

1277026According to Saturn in Virgo, by Liz Greene, which I have rising, there are a lot of these attitudes towards routine and service I possess. Here are some of the insights into the challenges of Saturn in Virgo or 6th house:

“Saturn here provides an opportunity through frustration, disappointment, ill health, for a journey into the mysteries of the interconnection between mind and body. Frustration and limitation in one’s work. The fundamental psychological need for rhythm and ritual, the careful ordering of external life as a symbol of careful ordering of the inner life which should, and rarely does, parallel it, is often denied in childhood. A heavily structured routine in childhood is common, but the routine is lacking in fundamental meaning because there is no effort at inner alignment. Chaos threatens perpetually on the inner level for there is little integration, and an almost compulsive ordering of the outer environment frequently ensues. Saturn may exaggerate the natural love of work, routine and order until the love becomes a fear of anything outside the known and well-trod path. There is often a deep anxiety over physical or mental disintegration., this placement has been linked with mental and physical disorders. It is the outer form of order which Saturn clings to rather than the inner blending of the mind, the feelings, and the intuition through the medium of the body.” Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil

Saturn in Virgo appears to place this kind of heavy duty focus on the aspects of service, organization and ordering of the personal life. The focusing of this authority is directed towards specialization, narrowing down, and knowledge. Saturn in astrology is the great task master and is gearing the individual towards learning in the earthly sphere of existence, and usually, there is a strong sense of duty felt in this area. Mercury deposits Saturn in Virgo, and it is the mental sphere which needs attuning to the tasks presented and, thus, maintaining peace of mind is of deep importance.

In an individual sense, the person needs to feel a sense of being useful and an important aspect of individualism is forming in Virgo that prepares the individual for outer life. If this vitally important step is missed, it leaves something of the unformed self and a level of personal integration that has been neglected. A great deal of anxiety around functioning properly and general health and mental performance is a barometer to the general well-being. Major frustrations at work, within the daily life, and the running of day-to-day things will reveal how well the tasks of this placement are being accomplished.
Saturn in Virgo can be a drive of  counsel, good advice and offer a sense of being of real service. Saturn investigates the physical to see what works and the individual is learning how to be practical and learn the meticulous, methodical, and the development of the analytical. A competence must be studied in regards to handling the physical world, and nature willingly gives to those that understand the necessities of living. The physical well-being is of paramount importance, and the capacity to discriminate and determine what is practical and healthy. Virgo represents the mutable factor of consciousness and observes, details, classifies, and is often found sifting through everything.

Many pages in Walter H. Sampson’s book – Zodiac: A Life Epitome – were given to diet for Virgo, with the author considering this to be a primary aspect of the nature of this zodiacal region. In a larger sense, this can mean a slimming down and to prioritize of living conditions, with everything running through a fine filter. In this respect, Virgo is exceptionally refining in nature and is constantly weeding out the unnecessary parts of life. Saturn in the sign of the Virgin represents purity, intelligence and dissection and maintaining effectiveness in this sphere of life.

Saturn in Virgo – Job, Routine and Diet

Saturn in Virgo is calling for a practical common sense to be used and more awareness of the choices being made. The mind is a force to be utilized, and it is a tool to be sharpened and it is what keeps us psychologically healthy. The habits and the decisions we make daily have a karmic impact and it is vitally important to cultivate the healthy, meeting all of the practical matters of life. However, it is also common for this placement to become unduly obsessed and worried about chaos which is an extreme state of imbalance on the other end of the spectrum. The individual is often extreme over routine and order, overly critical nature which is constantly focusing on disorders, revealing itself through the constant dieter, health addict, and hypochondriac.
By taking care of the necessities of life, such as a job, routine, and diet – everything in life will flow in a wonderful rhythm. Saturn creates a heavy consciousness about making the right choices and finding solutions and fixing everything. Moreover, it can be practical, exacting and hard-working and could be the marker of an excellent scientific investigator, health expert, or any job involving study, breakdown, constant revision, reading and learning. Ultimately, adherence to monotonous, repetitive, even wearisome work should not be shirked from and also not overly focused upon until it slays the soul. As much as possible, those with Saturn in Virgo need a keen, conscious and balanced devotion towards the necessary improvements and learn to be of service, purely because it’s something that speaks to the individual.
 Here is another helpful interpretation by Alan Leo below:

Saturn in Virgo corresponds to the harmonious aspect of the mutable-earth sign Virgo. This is one of the very critical signs for Saturn, since motive counts for so much with those who are under this influence. To the conventional or narrow types it is inimical, since it binds the Will or desire nature to physical conditions and inclines the mind to be too analytical, critical, and unfortunately very often fault-finding where it is quite unnecessary. It often produces much apprehension and dread of consequences and thus induces worry and anxiety, leading to nervous conditions. . In the purer types, or those who are more broad minded , it inclines to science, reason, and discrimination, and produces good literary critics, skilled proof readers, journalists and chemists. There is an intermediate class of persons that are very self-introspective and somewhat psychic. This influence is of the conserving, retiring, and negative type. It inclines to depression and a somewhat worm-like spirit of humility. It favours the chaste, the virtuous and the truth seeker, and usually helps those of the motive temperament more than the vital; in the mental it produces unhappy and sceptical tendencies. SATURN The Reaper by Alan Leo (1973 Softcover 5 x 8 inches, 108 pages Samuel Weiser, NY)

The integration of mind, body and feeling are a major emphasis of those born with Saturn in Virgo.