Saturn in Virgo

Those with Saturn in Virgo, usually find that organization and discipline are applied to the finer details in life. They are learning to master and craft their skills, by asking, how well they can do the job? Therefore, they may be appointed to take responsibility concerning time, order, routine, and to take work seriously.

True service is learned the hard way and shouldn‘t feel like a chore. The synthesis of mind and body is part of the master plan. Saturn here needs to establish reliable routines. Virgo increases Saturn’s natural sense of order, so they are highly conscious of disorder in the environment. On the flip side, they could be obsessive in some part of their life concerning order and details. In its extreme expression, Saturn in Virgo applies its energy doggedly to work in tedious solitude.

Saturn in Virgo is faced with the task of separating the necessary from the unnecessary. Negatively, there can be over perfectionism and a fear of making mistakes. Saturn placed in the sign of the Virgin hands them the task of applying themselves persistently to work alone. Fault-finding can replace positive self-assessments and they may doubt their usefulness in society. When Saturn is placed in this position of the horoscope, it means they’re learning to do things right, without being too hard on themselves. They often doubt their skills, the ability to do the job, and so they need to learn to have more faith in order to work effectively.

A good step towards growth is achieved by learning how to MANAGE daily life with more competence. Anxiety and nerves dominate and affect how they perform, and every minor fault receives a harsh self-review. In compensation, they might work too hard when involved in areas such as editing, filing, crafting, and perfecting their skills. This isn’t always the right use of Saturn in Virgo, yet mastering these areas is essential. Moreover, they may fear the job so much that they limit job opportunities; they must not continue to develop such a defeatist attitude and allow their fear to work as a drive towards success, let it be the goad that pushes them towards improvement.

With these exacting standards, any job performed has to be done the RIGHT way. The greatest challenge is focused on their ability to analyze, discriminate, develop knowledge and use the intellect as a tool. Don’t be a time waster in life and learn how to structure the day. Develop a natural, earthy rhythm, and learn how to get more productivity in the time available. Otherwise, constant discontentment and lack of confidence in daily affairs will predominate.

There may also be a dislike of boring and repetitive routines and difficulty in finding ANY joy at work. Saturn’s placement signifies where we feel doubt and fear failure. Saturn in Virgo possesses fine administrative and analytical skills, however, more effort is needed to develop them. Saturn may be hard in self-assessments but with determination, those with such a powerful Virgo will master the job.

The planet of limitation and formalism has a very important part to play in relation to the Virgo energy which emphasises the need for training, discipleship, and service to the whole. Saturn in Virgo stresses the factor of discipline – or the need for it and the rigour of it. It tends to manifest as an inner sense of insecurity…Saturn in Virgo is the solid rock which a person lost in a stream, needs in order to obtain a feeling of stability and security…As a rule there is severity and critical honesty. Persistence of will and purity of character are to be expected; but also the inability to adjust oneself to rapidly changing situations. Zodiac Matrix

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