Pisces: A Dreaming Lady

If you’re a Pisces, your connection to the mystical and the hidden realms of existence is an integral part of your personality. You are naturally drawn to the practice of psychoanalyzing dreams, finding the enigmatic realm of symbols both memorizing and vexing. Dreams, to you, are like secret messages from the depths of your subconscious, and you can’t help but immerse yourself in them. Ray Grasse’s book, “The Waking Dream,” offers you a unique perspective on this fascination with dreams. It bridges the gap between the dream world and waking reality, inviting you to explore the symbolic dimensions that surround you every day. To grasp this symbolic world, as Grasse discusses, you must be fully awake and present in the moment. It’s as though there’s an encouragement to “open your eyes” to the subtle signs and symbols that weave through your daily life, not confined solely to nighttime dreams but revealing themselves in various ways.

For a mystical Pisces like you, this invitation is thrilling. It aligns with your innate desire to delve deep into the hidden layers of reality, whether it’s the inner workings of the human mind, the unseen forces of the universe, or the deepest mysteries of existence itself. It’s as if you are a diver, plunging into the vast ocean of knowledge, where mental images and profound insights swirl like elusive fish in the murky depths of your psyche.

Your intrigue with dream interpretation is merely one aspect of your spiritual journey. You are inherently attracted to practices such as astrology, tarot reading, and channeling the otherworldly. These pursuits allow you to access the ethereal and transcendental aspects of existence, tapping into the wisdom that lies beyond the surface.

In your quest to explore the hidden realms, you become a seeker of truth and a philosopher of the soul. You’re not content with surface-level experiences; you want to penetrate the mysteries of life, understand the deeper patterns of the cosmos, and unlock the secrets of the human psyche.

You’re probably sipping your herbal tea right now, pondering the profound mysteries of the subconscious. Dreams, to you, are like the elusive whispers of the universe, a cryptic language that you just can’t resist deciphering. It’s a puzzle, isn’t it? You don’t have to be asleep to grasp those instances of the subconscious calling to you; real life is symbolic too!

Raye Grasse says,

For many centuries, this same idea found a more poetic expression in the belief that the world represents a kind of dream, similar in many respects to our fantasies during sleep. In Taoism, for example, there is a story of the man who dreamt one night he was a butterfly, only to discover upon waking he was a man. How could he be certain, he now wondered, whether he was a man who had dreamt he was a butterfly, or a butterfly who was now dreaming he was a man? As the Buddha said, Thus shall ye think of this fleeting world; A star at dawn, a bubble in a stream, A flash of lightning in a summer cloud, A flickering lamp, a phantom and a dream. For the symbolist, the recognition of the essentially dreamlike character of reality carries with it a series of far-reaching implications. For instance, if experience is a kind of dream with its own symbolic dimension of meaningfulness, then it must also be possible to interpret it like a dream. Events and circumstances unfolding outwardly are reflections of developments occurring on deeper levels of our own consciousness. As in myths and sagas of antiquity in which the important developments and beings encountered along the hero’s or heroine’s journey are ultimately recognized as guides and initiators in the unfoldment of a greater spiritual quest, so in our own life the people, events and creatures encountered can be seen as messengers bearing important clues into our own unfolding inner processes. In this way, a randomly observed auto accident may hold a clue to understanding some inner conflict or problem; an unexpected gift of flowers may reveal a subtle shift of fortunes; or a job application lost in the mail or other recurring obstacle in the pursuit of a goal may be interpreted as reflecting a deeper lesson needing to be learned. Read as dream symbols, ordinary occurrences yield depths of information and teaching completely unsuspected by the untrained observer.

Pisces, the twelfth sign of the zodiac, possesses an exceptional gift: the ability to perceive the interconnectedness of all things. This profound insight allows Pisceans to view the world through a different lens, one that transcends the boundaries of the physical and material. It’s as if you possess a spiritual compass that guides you through the whole realm of existence. This deep sense of interconnectedness with the universe and all its living beings often leads you on a journey of exploration into the mysteries of life.

An inherent trait that stands out in the Pisces sign on your chart is your natural instinct and vivid  imagination. Your mind is in perpetual motion, conjuring colorful narratives and envisioning scenarios that extend the boundaries of reality. This imaginative prowess is n important tool that enables you to explore the symbolic world with ease.  You have an intuitive grasp of symbolism and are adept at deciphering the hidden meanings behind everyday occurrences.

Mysticism holds a special place in the heart of a Piscean. You are drawn to the enigmatic and the spiritual, always seeking a deeper understanding of the mystical forces that govern the universe. This thirst for knowledge propels you to dive headfirst into the realms of dreams, where the subconscious mind reigns supreme. You’re unafraid to delve into the depths of your own psyche, eager to uncover the hidden treasures of your inner world.

The driving force behind this relentless exploration is curiosity. You are endlessly curious about your inner realities and the world beyond the visible. You yearn to uncover the profound truths that lie beneath the surface of existence. This curiosity is not just intellectual; it’s a spiritual quest to attain a more profound understanding of yourself and your place in the universe.

The Piscean experience can be likened to a river of impressions that flows ceaselessly through your senses. You are constantly absorbing the energy, emotions, and experiences of the world around you. These impressions accumulate in the deep pool of knowledge within your soul, creating a vast reservoir of insights and wisdom. It is within this psychic waterscape that your inner gaze, symbolic images, and deep reflections take root and flourish.

Now, if you’re a Piscean, you aren’t shy about taking a deep dive into the dreamy, surreal, and symbolic world. It’s as if you’ve got this secret door to the subconscious, and you’re not afraid to unlock it and explore the deep mysteries of life. Why, you ask? Because your curious fish, always wanting to unravel the hidden truths, not just about the world but about yourself, too. You’ve got this mystical compass that’s always pointing us toward the deeper truths of life. You’ll plunge into the world of dreams and dig through your own subconscious to find those hidden gems of wisdom. As a Pisces, you’re constantly taking in a torrent of impressions every day, absorbing the vibes, the emotions, the whole lot. It all flows into this deep well of knowledge inside you. And that well is like a cauldron of magic, where your inner gaze, those trippy images, and deep-as-the-ocean reflections thrive and bubble up. Pisces, you remind us that there’s more to this world than meets the eye, and that the journey within can be just as mind-bending as the journey without.

The Study of Dreams:

Alchemists compared this inner light with the eyes of a fish – or fish with a single eye – which begin to shine out of the cooked prima material….The equation of this light or fish’s eye that exists in man’s unconscious with the eye of God” Dreams: A Study of the Dreams of Jung, Descartes, Socrates, and Other Historical Figures (C.G. Jung Foundation Book)

The following is an excerpt from “The Waking Dream,” offering a glimpse into the book’s exploration of the symbolic meanings hidden within everyday objects:

Almost everyone, at some time or another, has experienced extraordinary coincidences or synchronicities so startling they are compelled to reflect upon their possible meaning. Do such occurrences hold a deeper significance? Might they hint at a hidden design underlying the seemingly random events unfolding around us? The world reflects the presence of a greater regulating intelligence, or Divine Mind, that both permeates and transcends material reality. All things partake in a greater continuum of order and design; consequently, there are no coincidences or truly random events. In turn, any chance event or process can divulge greater patterns of meaningfulness within the life of an individual or society. Reality is multileveled in character, involving phenomena and experiences across a wide spectrum of frequencies or vibration. The world is interwoven by a complex web of subtle correspondences or affinities, secret connections that link seemingly diverse phenomena through a deeper resonance of meaning. All phenomena are governed by processes of cyclic change, according to which things arise, grow, and decay. All forms can be reduced to a basic set of universal principles or archetypes. Described in various ways by different traditions, these principles reflect the underlying language of both outer and inner experience.