The Water Types

The Water Types astrology

The element of water is associated with the signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Water signs are emotional, sensitive and compassionate. In the watery sphere, rivers run deep; nothing is shallow and these types long to immerse themselves in life’s mysteries.

We realize the healing and replenishing power of water through visualizing a long day at work and relaxing into a nice warm bath at the end of the day. On a relationship level, the protective feeling of a water sign individual provides a container from the world through the deepest understanding, sympathy and knowing exactly what is needed.

It is fitting that the Moon should rule our emotions, and finds its home in Cancer. In Cancer, feelings are always active (cardinal) internally and the soul relies on her inner most feelings, memories and gut instincts. The Lunar lady understands the ebb and flow of life. We find there is great gentleness, vulnerability and softness. Deep down inside, there is a great need to be needed. Cancer protects, nurtures and supports, expressing a great depth of love. The crab has a hard outer shell, but she is a real softie inside, and she can be hurt very easily so tread carefully.

Scorpio is like the frozen lake, and it’s difficult to see beneath her surface, unless you have an ice pick! The physicality of death reveals some of Scorpio’s stillness and coldness, but don’t be fooled into believing that she doesn’t care- as a water sign, there is always full and intense feeling underneath. Full of dark mystery, there is always more beneath the surface than meets the eye.

The Scorpio woman may take a long time to thaw out, and one word of advice about Scorpio is that she does go to extremes of passionate heat to frozen withdrawal. However, nobody else will love and hate with the same intensity. There is a wonderful poem by Ron S King about Scorpio’s Love that really describes her well:

When Scorpio loves, it’s to full effect
No deeper and passionate can love feel
So hot and cold are emotions to select
This fire and ice, love of all time’s steal
There is a strong need to partner care
A joint demand for loyalty and committing
A new beginning with just love to share
A new-life time for love that’s fitting
A Scorpio’s love is powerfully intense
Sensual and sexy with strong desires
One has to burst through the wall’s defence
To discover the burning passion-fires
Awareness has to made of base emotions
The tides of jealousy and nature’s case
Any dominating force with fixed intention
That cuts the nose to spite the poor face
But powerful love is Scorpio’s trait
To love strong and deep, to last so well
To share all the glory with a chosen mate
Scorpio love is between heaven and hell


The Pisces woman is ruled by Neptune – named after the Roman sea god, and so her emotions are changeable, choppy, and fluid, just like the ocean. When gazing out at the water it’s difficult to know where it begins or ends, it’s so huge, vast and endless. The sea is both beautiful and dangerous, and when she is raging a storm, nobody is safe. Neptunian forces operate in ways that are completely beyond our control and rules over the unconscious, and so you get the gist of why she emotes so much.

A rich dream life, imagination, and feelings are all part of the watery realm. In her darkest hours, she drowns in alcohol, falls into temporary madness, confusion and despair. Pisces is full of mystery and secrets, but there is great sadness under those blue waves. Her sympathy is boundless and a range of emotions that far surpasses any other, but sometimes the water is distorted and blurs everything. Pisceans are often pretty much unfathomable, but this is part of the attraction, and you just can’t figure it out.