Venus in 1st House

venus-in-1st-houseThe 1st house represents the face we present to the world, and others form first impressions of us pretty fast. It also symbolizes one’s initial contact with others, and it is the “door” and entry point of the chart. Impressions are formed based on physical features, as well as behavior, therefore, if the astrologer finds any planets in the first house it will often define appearance, attitude, mannerisms, demeanor, and disposition.

The placement of Venus in the 1st house usually places a high value on being well-liked, and they may be occupied with the way they look, dress and behave. The individual goes out in the world wanting to please and cultivate a pleasant persona. They are also likely to be concerned and preoccupied with their own attractiveness. While not always classically beautifully, there is something delightfully charming, gracious, attractive about them and these endearing qualities are pleasing on first meeting.

This position can indicate a natural ability to work with the public and in partnerships of all kinds. Overly keen to create a harmonious environment, these people can be over-accommodating, bending over backward for others. However, there is also an innate talent for putting others at their ease. The individual may possess fine diplomatic and social skills; promoting co-operation and compromise. Venus here dislikes conflicts and may be known as a calm and easy going person.

If there are challenging aspects to Venus in the 1st house, they may use their allure to manipulate others. There is also a need for constant approval which could lead to vanity, self-indulgence, and laziness. The general feelings of attractiveness and sense of self-worth may cause great unhappiness. Yet, this is only until the individual learns the inner-value of beauty and self-worth. Those with Venus positioned here may come from a background where harmony had to be maintained at all costs, but they will often need to learn the art of fulfilling their own needs.

In fact a feeling of self-worth and self-esteem is crucial to loving and seeing other people more clearly. If we appreciate our own worth, then we can appreciate the worth of other people. If we accept ourselves, then we can more easily accept others. If those with Venus in this house don’t love and accept themselves first, they may manipulate other people to do so in order to fill the gap. Some people with Venus in the 1st never take Aphrodite’s girdle off; they display an obvious seductiveness which can be used for their own benefit. They may even be downright treacherous. By Howard Sasportas, The Twelve Houses

All of these natives usually have an eye for beauty and symmetry and it may extend to a love of luxury. The individual wears fragrances, perfumes, clothing, and jewelry to project beauty and personal grace.