Venus: 10 Astro-Love Notes

1.As the officiant of a wedding says, “We are here today to talk about love.” In myth, however, Venus was inimical to marriage since those cupid arrows, which are aimed at humans, are often consisted of attractions to those already married or they are compulsive and indifferent to any kind of moral feeling. In some ways, the goddess is a danger to the sacred union, and some astrologers have warned about allowing a Taurus or Libran woman into our life, near our men (hiss-hiss), because they are powerfully influenced by Venus. 1

2. Venus rules over Taurus and Libra, earth and air kind of feeling, and the sensual and the aesthetic. You know, the possessive and jealous or the ideal and theoretical love.

3. Venus is a major aphrodisiac, so when we keep falling for the wrong type over and over, blame this tramp! Actually, she governs those heady perfumes that draw us towards a particular scent that we find attractive or love-type. Interestingly, though, Howard Sasportas says that we can steer clear of our astrological love type due to our knowing what it can do to us: 2

Venus’ sign, and also the house it is in and any planet it aspects, gives us insight into what a person is turned on by. Life is not always this simple however. Some people are afraid to be turned on, because it puts them in an open and vulnerable position. So if you’re fearful of desiring something because of the exposure or vulnerability that comes with admitting to your longings, you actually might be repelled or put off by the very qualities which Venus suggests may turn you on. If you’re frightened of being rejected, spurned or hurt, or if you generally feel guilty about pleasure, you may defend yourself against what you find attractive or beautiful by making an about-face and deeming it repellant or undesirable.

4. Venus in astrology is tied to partnership (especially erotic love) in a big way. Our attitudes about romance and what type of people we’re attracted towards are gleaned from this L.O.V.E planet.

5. Who we love defines who we want to become.

6. Venus often plays a large part in our sense of self-value and worth. This planet has a great deal to do with our general sense of physical attractiveness. It represents our need to be loved and to feel beautiful, attractive, worthy of affection. And it is believed that supreme happiness in life is the conviction that we are loved. Let’s not forget how self-esteem can be ruined by a cheating partner, and low self-worth is often reflected in difficult relationships.

7. Venus is a benefic planet and relates to joy and happiness. It is probably why traditional astrologers forewarn of depression and low feelings of self-worth and unhappiness when Venus is highly challenged in the natal chart. Moreover, Aphrodite is associated with physical pleasure, including all the beauty we behold with our eyes, and that we perceive through our hearing senses and tasting.

8. Occupationally, Venus rules all professions dealing with music, fashion, make-up, cosmetics, jewelry designers, and florists.

9.  This heavenly body, Venus, is both the Morning and the Evening Star.

10. Liz Greene has referred to Venus as a whore in the Inner Planets, and describes how she loves to be naked as the day she was born (Aphrodite not Liz Greene!), unashamed of the physical body.

  1. I don’t agree with this.
  2. I’d never read about this before. I do think it is so very, very, very true.