Virgo Musings: Those Simple Things

3260044One can imagine Virgo’s house (within the horoscope) to be pared down to bare essentials: scrubbed floorboards, uncurtained windows, starkly positioned table and chairs. All a perpetual reminder of the constant striving to bring order out of chaos and the humble nature of the pure servant, who possesses a genuine modesty.

The Virgoan may give an impression of quiet power, but they are conscious of an anxious, edgy, controlled force within. The urge for re- arranging, improving, and making things better is powerful. A lesson exists in Virgo that we sometimes overlook. Every day, we must appreciate the small things and it goes a long way in improving our overall life.

In ancient times, Virgo was the sign of the harvest — and the symbolic meaning of the Virgin holding a sheaf of wheat is to take what has been sown (knowledge, information, skills) and harvest this energy to do something of practical benefit. This means to yield, produce and gather together all that is necessary. Virgo issues the simplest of ingredients, similar to baking bread when all we need is flour, water, and yeast  – it’s simple and has many uses. It is the staple of our diet and it is a great reminder that such plain ingredients can work their alchemy with hardly any fuss.The wholeness of the self, and making a loaf is a lot of trial and effort but worth in the end.

Cards attributed to the earthy sign of Virgo are invested with its analytic skills and perfectionism. Virgo is the sign of work and service, and exemplifies qualities of purity, modesty, and quiet dedication. It also represents mentors, teachers, aunts and uncles—adults other than parents who mold a child’s development. The Sun is in Virgo during the harvesting season, and the woman depicted in the constellation holds a sheaf of wheat, representing the abundance of the fields. Virgo is associated with the Virgin Mary, and in earlier times to Demeter/Ceres, the grain goddess who taught humanity the Eleusinian mysteries. A well-dignified Virgo card’s meanings include: industriousness; caution; analytical skills; patience; expertise; a focus on health and hygiene; food products derived from the earth, including domesticated animals; guidance during developmental phases. An ill-dignified or reversed Virgo card may be interpreted as: hypochondria, extremes of cleanliness or slovenliness, unbridled criticism, fanatical beliefs or opinions, sexual frigidty or excess. Pictures from the Heart: A Tarot Dictionary

Virgo holds back with people who are unfamiliar and  they’re reserved in social situations. Privately, though, they feel everything deeply, with intensity and extreme kindliness that is part of this reticent self. We all appreciate Virgos for looking after others, offering advice, feeding stray animals, tending to plants. Moreover, they find the right combination of medicine to help with our ailments. It is not just about physical healing, but it is remedying the many things in our life causing us distress, misery, and grief. They often make great mentors, teaching the skills of some kind of trade that the individual has perfected.

The real essence of this profound and fertile part of the zodiac is unnoticed. Virgo is the Virgin, hiding their true talents, abilities, and real treasures until the right moment when they let slip what lies underneath. Virgo holds a stalk of grain in their hand, and this symbolizes the fact that the sign is represented by a fertility maiden. The self-refinement and highly intuitive side have the ability to sense what is discordant about an individual or condition seeking to help, and hone into this with intent to improve.