Libra: Here Comes the Bride: 7 Vows

libra astrology

1. Equality: Libra is the one wearing the artsy symmetrical wedding dress guided by some cosmic intent for them to form relationships with others. It’s this inborn quality within that must seek equality, sharing, and harmonious relating. This vow means as a partner, you must be equal in everything and the goal must be to create blissful harmony, for Librans truly love establishing bridges and a rapport with others.

2. Politeness: Libra has a strong reaction against sexual crassness or rudeness in a partner. This vow entails being kind and respectful and taking a more tactful, courteous, delicate, sophisticated and graceful approach to all affairs. In short, learn to be bloody appropriate. Sometimes, Libra likes to be airlifted out of a messy and emotional confrontation, they are not entirely comfortable being in the middle of an emotional train-wreck, trapped in some kind of psychic storm and will always search for an ideal situation.

“Libra is the only sign whose symbol is an inanimate object rather than an animal or a human being. You can, therefore, be inclined to live life as an immaculate concept rather than a living, breathing, fallible creature. You need to remember that it is alright to make mistakes.”  By The Watkins Astrology Handbook

3. Complimentary: Compliments send Libra into a sweet mood, they can be easily charmed. Not that they wear false masks of niceness or anything, but they do have to be careful of submerging their true identity for the sake of sweetness. Therefore, this vow means each partner must pay at least one compliment to one another every day. However, sometimes when we call Libra “stylish” or “beautiful” it becomes a slur. As if a Libran is all graces and airs with no substance. When, in fact, this individual possesses a threatening intelligence.

4. Let Libra Lead: Libra’s planetary ruler is Venus and this planet plays an important role in love and is also a lucky planet representing, in part, charm and  an easygoing nature which always helps them find a way to get exactly what they want. They have reasoned logic rather than being pushy and argumentative. So, this vow involves letting Libra take the lead at times, for they know how to get the goodies without stepping on anyone’s feet or shoving anybody out the way.

5. Respect the Queen of Opposites: In many ways, Libra is double-sided, with a powerful need for balance and it is rather like walking through a hall of mirrors, this great hall of judgement which reflects every action from all sides, it’s crazy. At its deepest level, this means they have magical insight into the every opposite situation. It’s a pure gift, the way in which a Libran can see both sides. It can, and often does lead to paralysing situations, with difficult decisions to make. Libra is the strategist and is even willing to compromise for the bigger plan in mind. Again, emphasising the last promise, a partner must appreciate such a reflective nature.

6. Understand such a beautiful View: Libra strives for perfection, and those ideals lift the world from its ugly reality into something truly civilised. A Libran’s justice is not about an “eye for an eye”, but rising above it all and using reason. They often throw up an elegant Japenese folding screen, with a vista of birds, trees, and glorious scenery to modestly block out anything unpleasant. A partner must vow to always understand Libra’s beautiful vision and not mock it for being unrealistic.

7. Be Good Natured: Libra is considered to be in the “cool group” and no this doesn’t mean in the “leather jacket” wearing sense. As an air sign, they can detach and have this calm equilibrium around their aura. In this final vow, one must realize that Libra is just often more decent than everybody else (#spillthetea), and as part of this love-vow a partner should strive to be just a good natured, and possess a similar loving nature.