Mars Sextile Jupiter

tumblr_nxfzceguYO1rszu33o1_500An individual with Mars sextile Jupiter will often possess this fiery nature, albeit subtle, symbolizing a bold character with a natural assertion of beliefs, philosophical understanding, and faith. A questing and highly spirited soul with a lively personality, plus a striking energy that can embrace life’s adventures more than anyone. The aspect is usually descriptive of a personality interested in sports and there is usually an insistence on activity and travel. There can be a strong urge in the person to feel especially drawn to religious areas and it is a good combination for fighting for their beliefs.

Mars in astrology represents the desire aspect of the ego. It is a symbol of sexual impulse, aggression and the method of going after want we want. It is masculine, outward thrusting in force and possesses the energy to overcome obstacles standing in the way of progress. Jupiter is also a strong energy and represents the force for growth and stimulates the impulse towards greater development. When Mars is sextile Jupiter there is a realization of that physical strength and powers of self-assertion. Moreover, they confidently push ahead with their plans for the future and take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. Such a contact in the natal chart is useful for leaning on in times when the individual needs to push for more vitality, especially anything involving outdoor pursuits, traveling and sporting activities. This can be an enjoyable and playful aspect of the nature giving a good sense of humor and the ability to play. On the fun side, it relates to joking and a little bit of cheeky mischievousness, not harmful to anybody, usually, it embodies a gentle risk-taking aspect of the personality a trickle of adventurous

The more challenging nature of this aspect is seen in the kind of  nature that is dangerously high-spirited, troublemaking, holding a devil-may-care-attitude, loving sexual adventures and can be found romping their way through lovers. Mostly, these are traits belonging to the more over-excitable and exaggerated nature of the harder aspects (conjunction, square, and opposition). Since, however, Mars sextile Jupiter is the softer version, there can be a noble, generous and positive outlook on life. It basically allows this individual to better express personal drive. The spirit of independence is strong and, usually, they are fortunate in the gentle ways of getting what they want. This combination loves to make things happen and won’t’ sit idly by watching the clock.

Direct and authentic in their worldviews, usually expressed in a healthy manner. Actually, this aspect also denotes a good vitality of the body overall, so mind, spirit, and physical energy are all given a boost. Mars sextile Jupiter will ordinarily be found jumping over the hurdles of life with minimum struggles; they quickly spot opportunities and seize upon them, turning any situation advantageous for themselves. Such a contact reminds us all of the fun times of adolescence with its playfulness, endless horseplay, and laughter. Mars-Jupiter always possesses the courage to say “yes” to life, to take life by the reins and ride it all the way up the mountain. They see life as a daring adventure or nothing at all. The courage to take risks and to try new things can lead them in the gallop towards victory. A sense of fearlessness is written all over this aspect with the power of courage to push the spirit through the barriers of existence and onto new frontiers. Mars sextile Jupiter is future orientated and never fearful of pushing out of that comfort zone.

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