Aquarius Rising

Those born with Aquarius Rising, approach life with strongly held ideals of how the world should be. Friendly, considerate, with a tolerant outlook, they consider themselves to be fair-minded and respectful of the views of others. It should come as no surprise to learn that they work best when involved with groups of like-minded people. We also find in the Aquarian a genuine talent for ingenuity and creativity; they progress intellectual understanding, discover new techniques, and there’s a willingness to branch out and try new things. As a social sign, they’re interested in making contributions that benefit humanity in some way. They want to be independent, but not necessarily in a violent way, it’s just about a developing a style that is different from everybody else.

Aquarius Rising may come off as cold and detached in manner, but it’s because they’re so involved with observing social situations, behaviors, attempting to understand the nature of laws and patterns. The sign has the least tolerance for selfish pursuits, and would rather keep a situation cool and intellectual. Aquarius here holds impartial, logical and intuitive assessments of life, and would be embarrassed if viewed as too showy and self-important. Therefore, it is often partners and close friends who may be viewed as more dramatic and self-centered.

Notably, Aquarius needs to be different and converse with a variety of different people, for everybody is the same underneath. Unconsciously, lots of people are drawn towards them, especially those who are creative individuals, intent on developing their own uniqueness. Aquarius’ shadow side, the part of the person that lives in the unconscious, seeks to develop a sense of its own destiny and creativity so that it has something truly unique to offer mankind. Given these points, in relationships, they can be unconventional and romantic, and they make loyal partners once settled in love.

Those with important significations in Aquarius value freedom, forward thinking, and progressive attitudes to life. Aquarius is, after all, the third and final of the air signs and the fourth of the fixed signs and can be found in the areas of science, astrology, research, communicating, and social networks. Circulating ideas, organizing, and looking towards the future are all important attributes, and the Water-bearer is always looking for ways to benefit the lives of human beings.