Pisces Moons Are Not Broken

The Moon in Pisces is frequently described as the “most unconscious moon,” as it is deeply linked to the subconscious realm. It tends to be highly susceptible to the subtle, underlying currents of emotion and intuition. This placement often suggests a profound sensitivity to the ebb and flow of emotions, akin to the tides of...

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Moon in Pisces: Why Do I Feel so Sad?

When the Moon is in Pisces, you feel deeply, but that intensity of feeling can make you cry or feel quite melancholy. The Bluest Moon in astrology is infinite and profound. Also, it tends to be reflective of the collective psyche and accurately convey the range of human emotions. Since you are a Lunar Piscean, … Read moreMoon in Pisces: Why Do I Feel so Sad?

Understanding the Moon in Pisces Retreat

Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy offer an intriguing perspective on the Moon in Pisces in their book “Spiritual Astrology.” Enigmatic souls, they seem to carry a yearning for quietude. One might imagine them as hermits in hushed monasteries or nuns cloistered in secluded convents, seeking refuge from a world that has wearied them across lifetimes. Perhaps … Read moreUnderstanding the Moon in Pisces Retreat