Light the Way

The struggle to become whole is the meaning behind most of our existence. You have the task of developing your real authentic self, and it is your own active and creative involvement in life, propelling you forward. The “will” is a very important concept in achieving wholeness. The will can lead you towards your future development and purpose. It is the central inner force that conquers all unconscious repressed energy.

According to some philosophies, a purpose is central to a good human life. Helen Keller wrote that happiness comes from “fidelity to a worthy purpose,” and Ayn Rand wrote that purpose must be one of the three ruling values of human life (the others are reason and self-esteem). Some people hold that God assigns purposes to people and that it is their mission to fulfill them. Others hold that purpose is not inherent, but instead freely chosen (or not chosen) by individuals.

Among these, some say that natural propensities may determine what sorts of purposes a person needs to pursue, but do not guarantee that he or she will pursue them, depending on free choice. Self-confidence and faith in their potentials. To see possibilities, expansion, and growth all concern the element of fire, its ruling planets, and houses. Take a look at your natal chart. Are you expressing all of who you are? Are you living your life to the full? The aspects to these fiery planets will reveal the obstacles that stand in your way, and who you need to become on your path towards growth, expansion, and fulfilling your purpose.

Aries: Me, Myself, and I, that’s all I got in the end! Aries and its ruling planet Mars is where you’ll fight for what you want. Where you’ll pursue your prize, like in Jason and the Argonauts, the mythical tale associated with Aries. The battle begins, and Aries loves the quest. Aries is a courageous and enthusiastic sign, and it represents a search for the self through an activity that reaffirms its existence.

Mars is the macho planet associated with energy, masculinity, aggression, and competitive nature. Mars rules Aries and traditionally Scorpio, so it’s extra influential for people with their Sun or Ascendant in these signs. It is very strong when placed in the 1st (Aries) or 8th (Scorpio) house.

Leo rules the heart and connects to virtues such as courage, loyalty, love, and generosity. Leo represents the search for the self through the creative urge and desire to affect the immediate environment so that it reflects the individual identity of the ego. Leo is the stable center around which everything else revolves, the sign encourages innate potential.

The Sun, ruler of Leo, governs your creativity, personality, ability, and self-expression. It symbolizes your true self. The Sun is extra influential for people with their Sun or Ascendant in Leo. It is very strong when placed in the 5th (Leo) house.

Sagittarius is restless; he is a traveler keen on exploring and understanding life from a broader perspective. Sagittarius represents a search for the self through activity that reaffirms humanity’s place in both physical and spiritual worlds.

Jupiter is the planet of physical and mental expansion, self-confidence, optimism, finance, luck, travel, and justice. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and, traditionally, Pisces, so it is extra influential for people with the Sun or Ascendant in Sagittarius or Pisces. It is very strong when placed in the 9th or 12th house.