Astrology Game

largejuuThe zodiac game called Star Counters, and comes with two boxes of astrological questions and a nice decorative astrological board to play on. The objective is to travel around the zodiac and collect star crystals. The star crystals relate to the four elements, and you can go back home if you win. The questions are both humorous and interesting with pretty accurate portrayals of the signs.

Here are a few of the game’s cards to read. The blank spaces are for the person asking the question to pick a sign and the other player has to guess how the sign is likely to act, or what they might say.

Alas, the only person who has played the game with me is my four-year-old. While he’s good with the elements in astrology, he got bored after a few minutes and the game turned into a jigsaw. Still, it’s a fun way to learn the astrological basics, and it would be nice if this kind of game ventured out into aspects too.

1. A MORI poll has revealed that the British, unlike the Italians, have preferences that come before sex. If you are a ……………………….. what could you consider better than sex?

Aries Scoring from the half-way line
Taurus Discovering a dusty old painting in your loft worth a fortune
Gemini Talking with others about sex

Cancer Discovering that chocolate can help you actually lose weight
Leo A day’s shopping in London with a Gold card
Virgo Making a triple word score at scrabble

Libra Waking up to find that Torvill and Dean did win the Gold
Scorpio Nothing
Sagittarius Out smarting a double-glazing salesman

Capricorn Learning that a relative has left you a ten bedroom mansion
Aquarius Creating the first automatic ironing machine
Pisces Fantasising about sex

2. You have a Leo friend who gets exasperated by a particular habit of his girlfriend. As she is a …………………. what is that habit likely to be?

Aries Her inability to take advice on anything
Taurus Her jealous disapproval of his social life
Gemini Her constant flirting

Cancer Her unpredictable sulks
Leo Wanting to be noticed more than him!
Virgo Her boring dislike of parties

Libra Her excruciating sweetness
Scorpio Those exasperating silences
Sagittarius Being able to spend money quicker than he!

Capricorn Her unbelievable tightness with money
Aquarius Never remembering important dates like a Leo’s birthday!
Pisces Her melodramatic displays of emotion

3.You’ve just had your birth chart read by a professional astrologer and very little of it sounds right to you. If you are a ……………… how might you respond?

Sagittarius Say you’re glad they’re not in charge of your taxes!
Capricorn Refuse to pay and follow up with a letter of disappointment
Aquarius Ask how it’s all done so you can draw up your own chart

Pisces Wonder whether all this is really good for you
Aries Proclaim your well-known strengths and walk out
Taurus It just confirms your opinion that all new age subjects are a con

Gemini Keep trying different birth times until it sounds right
Cancer Worry whether you’re really that bad
Leo Say it must be someone else’s chart as you’re far more interesting

Virgo Check to see if your birth details have been entered correctly
Libra Try and imagine how it could be true
Scorpio Refuse to pay and threaten an exposure to the press