Uranus Transits: 3rd House

When Uranus transits the 3rd house, it excites the mind and frequently brings on different learning experiences. Wanting to gain knowledge of occult subjects may be favored right now: astrology, divination, tarot, etc. Alternatively, it can also indicate an interest in science and technology. The Uranian field rules over experimentation, advancement, mathematics, and the intelligent design behind life. If there are areas of the mind that are undeveloped and an individual is hanging on to an old way of viewing things, learning, and communicating, this transit will involve changing our mental attitude.

Information received during this 7-year duration will most definitely shake up any intellectual rigidness. Insights are revealed faster than normal and we may learn at a quicker rate. Thinking is non-conformist and different from the status quo/consensus thought. Ideas come lightning fast, so it is a great time to read about new concepts and anything we have never accepted before. In fact, we become a receiver of information that is “out there” and it probably hasn’t materialized yet. We might think that we have discovered information that will change people’s perspective and awareness. However, the way we communicate can alienate us from regular people who do not understand the latest scientific studies, astrological thought or breakthroughs, and new advancements in computers.

Uranus in the 3rd house can even represent some odd conversations at this time. However, Uranus is at home in the 3rd house of the mind and interchange with the immediate environment, and it can manifest in intellectual distance or isolation. However, there should be some conversations and learning experiences that enlighten and there is a powerful sense of sudden understanding hitting the mind all at once. The 3rd house rules neighbors and siblings and so there may be new information about them coming through. But if Uranus forms hard aspects this may show separation. Perhaps news or gossip about the neighbors shocks us. The 3rd house rules all modes of transport and so journeys could be “different” somehow and perhaps we will update our mode transport now. The local area could also be under progressive changes and new development. Although if Uranus forms hard aspects to Mars and Saturn, we may need to watch out for accidents. Our car may break down unexpectedly and disrupts our journey.