Uranus Transits: 3rd House

When Uranus transits the 3rd house, it stimulates mental activity and typically brings forth new and varied educational opportunities. The desire to educate oneself on occult topics such as astrology, divination, tarot cards, and the like may be popular during this time. Alternately, it may point to a fascination in technological advancements and scientific research. Experimentation, progress, mathematics, and the understanding that there is an intelligent purpose behind life are all governed by the Uranian field. Changing your mental attitude will be required during this transit if there are areas of the mind that are not fully developed and you are clinging to an outdated way of looking at things, learning, and communicating.

The new information that is obtained over the course of this seven-year period will most certainly shatter any intellectual rigidity. You  are likely to pick up new information and skills at a more rapid pace as a result of the accelerated revelation of insights. Thinking is non-conformist and distinct from the thought that is held as the status quo or the consensus. Ideas occur to you at a breakneck pace, and as a result, this is an excellent time to learn about novel ideas and anything that you have never acknowledged before. In point of fact, you become receptacles for knowledge that is “out there,” but it most likely hasn’t shown itself just yet. It’s possible that you’ll believe that you’ve found information that will shift people’s perspectives and heighten their consciousness. However, the way in which you communicate has the potential to separate you from average people who are not up to date on the most recent scientific findings, astrological ideas or discoveries, and new advances in computer technology.

When Uranus transits the 3rd house, it might even signify strange talks that are taking place at this time. Uranus, on the other hand, finds its natural habitat in the house of the mind and the interaction with the immediate world. This placement might appear as intellectual detachment or isolation. On the other hand, there should be certain discussions and educational experiences that enlighten and there should be a powerful feeling of sudden knowledge striking the mind all at once. As the 3rd house is in rulership of neighbours and siblings, there is a possibility that fresh information on these people may emerge. However, if Uranus produces difficult aspects, this might indicate a split. Perhaps something you’ve heard or overheard about the neighbours takes you by surprise. The 3rd house is responsible of all kinds of transportation, which means that trips could turn out “different” in some way; perhaps you should upgrade your means of transportation right now. Alterations and brand new housing could be in the works for the surrounding neighbourhood as well. However, you will need to be on the lookout for potential mishaps if Uranus creates challenging aspects with Mars and Saturn. It’s possible that your car could suddenly break down or crash, which would make your trip more difficult.

Uranus enables us to glimpse things which other people cannot or are not ready to see; we may try to explain our new concepts or insights to friends, teachers, parents or associates only to receive back blank stares, while others may be shocked or feel threatened by what we have to say. If we take time to shift through or to write down and refine our ideas, we may be more successful in imparting them to others. Younger people with this transit could experience some disruption to their education — for instance, they might change schools and have to adjust to new classmates and new surroundings. Or they may feel unusually restless and rebellious with the educational system or with conventional forms of learning. Children or adolescents having these kinds of difficulties often benefit from discussing and sharing what they are experiencing with an older person whom they trust. Because Uranus can make us rather obstinate, during this transit we might think we have discovered the truth about someone or something. Absolutely certain that the way we are seeing it is the only right way, we don’t leave much room for compromise, and adamantly defend our views, no matter how many people disagree with us. However, Uranus makes us not only obstinate, but also unpredictable and erratic: a few weeks later we wake up in the middle of the night with a new realization that drastically alters or reverses our previous standpoint, and we will now passionately defend this new point of view, until Uranus revolutionizes our thinking again. This transit alters our perception of life around us. We might grow bored or dissatisfied with where we are living, and believe that moving to a different part of town, or moving to another area of the country, or even a different country, will resolve our restlessness. Before uprooting, however, it makes sense to try to make better use of our present environment — to search out aspects of it we haven’t yet taken advantage of or explored, to make an effort to meet new people or expand our existing circle of friends, groups, or interests in the present location. If this doesn’t prove possible or satisfactory, a change of environment could be exactly in line with what Uranus transiting the third house has in mind for us. In some cases, however, this kind of move is not undertaken by choice, but by coercion: our family moves and we have to go with them, or we have to move because of our work, or our spouse changes employment or is transferred. If such a situation occurs under this transit, it may mean that a disruption of this sort is needed for our next stage of growth or development, or that some experiences await us in a new environment that couldn’t transpire where we are now. Alternatively, Uranus may be asking that we take a stand, and refuse to be forced into a move. The kinds of aspects transiting Uranus is making to other planets in the chart may help to clarify the best way to handle the situation. In a number of charts I have seen, Uranus transiting the third coincides with a phase when relatives, siblings or neighbours are experiencing significant changes or upheaval in their lives, and something they are going through at this time may directly affect us. The Gods of Change: Pain, Crisis and the Transits of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto

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