Saturn in Cancer

Those with Saturn in Cancer have deep emotional fears of abandonment, loss, and loneliness. The family may dominate over their life, and the individual is extremely sensitive to rejection and may establish bonds early on to help alleviate their anxiety. Building a home, settling down, and starting a family are all important aspects of most people’s life. In astrology, Cancer represents the nest, home, and hearth, and it’s the place we go to feel a sense of belonging. However, we are often blocked where we are afraid and so these things may come later for the individual. Saturn here must also to be careful that they do not separate themselves from the people and relationships they need the most. Saturn in Cancer may fear emotional expression and the need for self-protection is often extremely powerful. Sometimes they feel overly needy and dependent on others and choose to distance themselves, but they are learning about the structure of the family and deeper connections with others.

The most powerful issues with this placement involve security, stability and sometimes the need for a family and a career. The individual may have a disdain for others who express too much sentimentality, romanticism or affinity with their homeland. They may also feel others react harshly in this way to their feelings about their childhood and home. Those with Saturn in Cancer react defensively and feel overcome by their emotional selves and, to that end, depressive moods follow. Ultimately, Saturn in Cancer may always feel they are defending their family or background and guarding the past. The individual needs to take their feelings more or sometimes less seriously and find emotional security and safety without the fear of being left alone.

Saturn represents a place where we might feel heavier and so the person may have a sense of responsibility and duty towards the family. They may be limited by responsibilities, and make big sacrifices for loved ones. A feeling of family expectation may force them into roles they wouldn’t choose for themselves. The person may have felt they lacked something in childhood, some possibilities include illness, poverty or separation may have created uncertainty about their safety, and they feel sensitive about their sense of deprivation. As a parent, they may be overprotective, or they are inhibited when expressing their emotions.

As a parent, they may be overprotective, or they are inhibited when expressing their emotions. Saturn in Cancer is learning to build a solid emotional core, and the individual needs to feel loved and supported. They need to be more confident and self-reliant, and learn some healthy independence and, in essence, not feel the need to hide their emotions and to let go of the emotional armor.

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