The Sun, Leo & the Fire Signs: A Centered Spiritualty

The Sun, Leo and Fire Signs: A Centered Spiritualty

Those born under the sign of Leo are the most centered in their individuality. Everything revolves around the Sun and Leo’s ruler is this fiery orb and its elemental nature belongs to fire. Above all, what is most evident in the sunniest sign of the zodiac is an expression of purpose and will that is directed with great fixed power. It is thought in astrology, that those born under the element of fire are seeking self-knowledge, and this burning flame is also a symbol of spirituality and divinity.

We enter into Jungian astrology when we approach the elements (fire, earth, air and water) in a psychological way, and there is something about the life-force being expressed through the signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius that is undeniable. To say the fire signs possess great spirit is probably an understatement, and there is a lot of intense passion underneath the fiery trigon that just beams out. Fire signs represent the necessary energy we need to accomplish something. An abundance of energy without direction doesn’t accomplish much, and what fire really needs – is a vision.

Mainly, the journey for the Leonian type is really about embarking on a search for the Self, and that means to shine in its own divinity. Leo is on the quest to discover the Self. An idea that is largely found in some of Jung’s work on the individual. The history of man’s individuality has also been the subject of mythology, legend and love. Those with an underdeveloped life can feel empty inside, and to fulfill our purpose all we really need to do is to start shining. In dong so, we awaken the spirit within and the inner divinity – activating the God spark inside. The Sacred fire is the element in the physical world, connecting us to the Creator and the spirit world. One key thought which might help: Leo is also this massive creative energy and they go out in the world and create something that reflects the individual, whether it is the creation of a biological child which is a creation of the Self or creative artwork.

Leo and Spirituality

Leo is like a perfect sunny day, it is positive, happy and joyful. Never mind journey’s into the shadowy unconscious to discover this elixir, everything in this sign is lit brightly as it signifies the domain of the super-conscious and it makes it particularly hard for Leo to learn detachment. All the fire signs are anointed with being God’s children, filled with immense light, brightness and meaning. According to Alice Baily, The Labours of Hercules, Leo, the fifth sign, relating to number five because it relates to man and he is a divine son of God. In Leo, it is thought that man becomes the five pointed occulted star, according to esoteric astrology, and stands as a symbol of individualization, of the human being that knows himself to be an individual and becomes aware of himself as the Self.

In every sense, Leo is the power of the human to create this spiritual center, inner illumination, and rules the part of the individual where everything is conscious and this powerful sense of I-ness is created. All fire signs follow the element of water on the astrological wheel and are birthed from the unconscious and symbolically it represents the fiery individual powers of man and his life-powers. In the constellation of the Lion, we are therefore met with the symbol of man developing individually. The hero that lives within us all that can show great strength, courage and resilience.