Aries Quotes

“Aries is self motivated and doesn’t need to seek approval, permission or cooperation of others. Typically, planets in Aries (and the Arien type generally) just want to do things n their own way; that is, not to be hampered, constrained or fettered by anyone or even by the energies described by other factors. Planets in Aries (in hard aspect) will often give rise to a feeling of frustration. This is sometimes because there can be ‘taking over’ quality and tendency to butt in uninvited in those with this sign strong. Others may not take kindly to such interference and may make efforts to block it.” The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook (Astrology Now)

“The Jason myth doesn’t, however, end happily ever after. It highlights in a certain way the dangers confronting Aries on his quest. Jason is a kind of failed Aries, where Robin Hood is a successful one. His failure, wouldn’t you know, is due to his treatment of women. In order for Jason to capture the golden fleece, he must enlist the aid of a sorceress-princess, Medea. Now Medea, daughter of the King on Colchis, falls widely in love with Jason. He’s so bold, so heroic, so brave, so courageous, so noble. She is even willing to sacrifice the life of her brother to help him, so deeply in love is she. Everything goes well enough, until they return. All that golden fleece goes to Jason’s woolly head. He begins to behave more like a very stupid sheep than a golden ram. He tries to discard Medea in favour of a younger, more suitable princess. This is the problem with Aries: once he’s reached his goal, he often forgets the help he received along the way.” Astrology for Lovers

“Aries is very aware of himself and constantly striving to grow. He knows he is full of energy and ever seeks the right direction for its release. It is often that he must be willing to play the part of the sacrificial lamb. By this it is meant that he will often have to associate himself with a great cause and align personal desires, which are many, with something larger than his individual self-hood. Thus he will resonate himself with a greater unit of being and propel himself forward into life at the same time. The ultimate aim of the Aries vibration is to seed: to give out thoughts, life energy, and love so that these may be firmly implanted in Taurus which turns them permanent and helps them to grow.” Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology: The Classic Guide to Modern Astrology

“Desire seems like a straightforward emotion, but it’s actually very complicated. It can be aroused by lust, hunger, and jealousy, yet the desire to better oneself can also serve a higher good. Chivalry was designed so that the strong wouldn’t abuse the weak. Over time it evolved into a code of honour that serves as the cornerstone for the armed forces as well as our police, firefighters, and emergency rescue units-which are all ruled by Mars. We’re familiar with the idea that might makes right. Chivalry glorified the ideal that it takes a lot of might to make right.” Ruling Planets: Your Astrological Guide to Life’s Ups and Downs

“Aries often seems to spark confrontations with others. The exalted Sun (ego) is very powerfully placed. Aries may be unconsciously treating others, especially women, disrespectfully. Aries of both sexes who complain of having few women friends may discover that they do not make much effort in this direction Women are usually powerless and therefore not always going to seem as interesting to Aries men. For this reason, Aries parents might listen to the unconscious signals they are communicating to their daughters. The same is true of Aries grandparents and their granddaughters. Recently an Aries grandma was overheard remarking to her son within earshot of her young grandchildren, “Lisa gets better grades than Bobby. It’s such a shame when the girl inherits the brains in the family. I mean, she’s just going to get married when she grows ups.” Grandma herself is a successful businesswoman. She has few women Friends. She constantly recounts stories of her son’s success, but seldom those of her equally successful daughter.” Archetypes of the Zodiac (Llewellyn Modern Astrology Library)

“Aries is not content with an inner sense if divinity and destiny. It is impelled to conquer out there in the world. Although belief in a special mission or cause may be extremely important for Aries, it is actually the most pragmatic of the fire signs, and the vision must be made manifest in some way. The mission mean nothing unless it is acts upon and can change outer reality and vindicate the sense of being first and best. Aries is a crusader. Why do people go on crusades? Crusading my be seen as a defence. It is a very aggressive one, but a defence nonetheless. Why are we impelled to go and convert heathens, with or without consent?

Yes. The crusading spirit may be a defence against one’s own inner doubts. God might exist, or, perhaps even worse, one’s own vision of God might not be the right one after all. Then one is a mere muddled mortal, and not first, best, or divinely inspired. The crusading spirit is also an affirmation of divine potency. The more people one can awaken and inspire, the more one’s potency is proven. This is the same spirit that drives Don Juan on his endless sexual conquests. The more women he conquers, the more potent he appears in his own eyes. We have come full circle, back to the Oedipal pattern so characteristic of this fire sign.” Barriers and Boundaries: The Horoscope and the Defences of the Personality

“The association of Aries with the head in medical astrology reflects its two rulers, Mars and Athene. When a prophecy was made to Zeus that a child born from his own union with Metis would one day supplant him, he quickly decided to put an end to Metis and her pregnant child, and therefore swallowed them both. One day he was consumed by a raging headache so great that he asked Hephaestus, the smith god, to us his hammer and split open his head. At that instant, out popped Pallas Athene, fully grown, dressed in armour, helmet and sword. (Thus, Hephaestus became the midwife for Athene). Such headaches occur for people who are about to give birth to some enormous idea, event, person, or experience in their life. The creativity may be swelling inside of them, bursting at the seams, and they may have no apparent way to release it.” Mythic Astrology: Internalizing the Planetary Powers