Sun-Venus Progressed Aspects

When the Sun and Venus form a progressed aspect to one another our developing individuality has now come into conflict with long-held ideas and preconceptions about love, and a stronger, more definite set of personal values will be established. Under hard Sun-Venus progressed aspects we leave behind relationships and values which we have outgrown. We may blame our unhappiness on a loved one, but not realize that something has shifted inside of us. A partner may be seeking affection elsewhere, and extremes of anger and jealousy may be provoked. Jealousy may be a major issue at the moment because one of the ways we might have to face this split between our identity and inner values is through a love triangle. We ourselves may be torn between two people, and the issue of rivalry enters our life during this period. If our marriage has been under stress, it may separate at this time as we are striving towards great self-definition, and reintroducing harmony into our lives.

Marriage or becoming attached is also often signified, indicating the personal self-moving into a relationship and combining our sense of self with another person’s set of values, ethics, and beliefs. A powerful drive towards social activities and developing artistic projects are highlighted during this time. Any good aspect between the progressed Sun and Venus is a positive indicator for a love relationship. The Sun-Venus connection stimulates warm and affectionate feelings, and there is a strong need to have love in our life, and there is a willingness to make compromises, ensuring that we find the best support from our relationships. The birth of children, an artistic career, or businesses are other experiences in the course of this progression in life and serves to illuminate something in ourselves that which we might need to develop. Perhaps this means developing a greater sense of self-worth, and recognition of our personal talents, and resources. We may find satisfaction through accumulated assets and financial power, and there will be a stronger drive to achieve materially.