Sun-Venus Progressed Aspects

When the Sun is progressed to the natal Venus in a chart, it is often a sign of marriage or getting attached. This shows that the personal self moves into a relationship and combines with another person’s values, ethics, and beliefs. During this time period, there is a significant emphasis placed on the development of artistic projects and participation in social events. Any good angle between the Sun and Venus in the progressed chart is a good sign for a love relationship. The Sun-Venus connection makes us feel warm and loving, and we have a strong need for love in our lives. We are also willing to make compromises to make sure that our relationships give us the most support. The birth of children, a career in the arts, or starting a business are all things that happen. Maybe this means we need to develop a stronger sense of self-worth and become more aware of our own talents and resources. We might be happy if we have a lot of assets and money, and we’ll be more driven to do well in the material world.

Liz Greene says,

As the Sun gradually moved towards a conjunction with Venus he met his lover. The progression of Sun conjunct Venus symbolises constellation of the anima, the archetypal feminine; and it is hardly surprising, therefore, that at this time he would not only marry and divorce, but also become involved in the most passionate affair of his life. During this time he was compulsively seeking a woman who embodied the inner image dominating his consciousness, which the energies reflected by the progression had activated. Relating: An Astrological Guide to Living with Others on a Small Planet

When the Sun and Venus make a progressed aspect to each other, our growing individuality clashes with long-held ideas and preconceptions about love, and a stronger, clearer set of personal values will be set. When the Sun and Venus are in a hard aspect, we let go of relationships and values that we’ve outgrown. We might say that a loved one is to blame for our unhappiness, but we might not realise that something has changed inside of us. A partner may be looking for love somewhere else, which can make us very angry and jealous. Jealousy may be a big problem right now because a love triangle is something we might have to deal with. We may be torn between two people, and when this happens, the question of competition comes up. If our marriage has been tense, it may end now because we are trying to find out more about ourselves and bring peace back into our lives.