The movements of the planets and their regular cycles, mean that Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto will transit their own natal position at approximately the same age for each person. The types of aspects they make are listed below in the table along with their ages. For example, At age 21, Saturn will square its own natal position, Uranus will also square its own natal position and Pluto forms a Semi-Sextile. This is an important time for major adjustements and it is a time when we consider our career and life path.

Age Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto
7 Square Semi sextile
14 Opposition Sextile Semi Sextile
21 Square Square Semi Sextile
28 Conjunction Trine Sextile
35 Square Quincunx
42 Opposition Opposition Square Sextile
49 Square Quincunx
56 Conjunction Trine Trine
63 Square Square Square
70 Opposition Sextile Quincunx
77 Square Semi Sextile
84 Conjunction Conjunction Opposition Trine