Pisces, Neptune and 12th house Poetical Musings

Pisces, Neptune, and the 12th house represent the ocean, the overflowing seas of the horoscope, an energy that is often difficult to hold within our fingers, seeping through like water and circling us in a whirlpool of stormy chaos. The sea’s tumultuous state is always shifting according to Neptune’s whims, but it always eventually returns to a state of stillness and quiet that can be eerily silent. Neptune is the keeper of the ocean’s bottomless depths, wherein lie secrets, mysteries, and magic so powerful that not even man has been able to fully explore them.

The 12th house, ruled by Neptune, is a place of healing and rejuvenating solitude that can lead us to the answers we’ve been seeking. Nonetheless, we remain unsatisfied. The hunger for knowledge of the source is an outward manifestation of an underlying insatiability. The spirit needs to be quenched; it longs for a higher experience. Such a desire for paradise is masked by substance abuse, intoxication, and the retreat from reality. It’s sad to see the Neptunian addict’s spirit, which yearns for release, as a representation of a once-healthy individual who is now a whole wreck. To see somebody fall apart, into pieces, or lose their bearings in life is terrifying. Why do people think sticking a needle in their vein will make it stop hurting? Both drug use and the spiritual quest, in Jung’s view, are attempts to make contact with the “spirit.” Those born under the sign of Pisces, ruled by Neptune, or with planets residing in the twelfth house have access to the unconscious, which communicates through symbols in a poetic, pictorial, picturesque language whose meaning is boundless.

When we ponder the vastness of the ocean—ruled by Neptune—we can’t help but wonder if it’s truly uncontainable. The rivers never stop flowing; they cover everything and wear down even the toughest rocks. It rules over the hidden and unknown portions of ourselves that can only be examined in the depths of the unconscious, revealing the secrets of paradise and the riddles of existence. The ultimate mystical or spiritual condition can be attained upon all life’s return to that paradisiacal state.

The voices of our ancestors, caught in a perpetual state of longing, echo through the twelfth house. Those echoes from the walls are the imprints of past generations and symbolize the wealth of knowledge that has been accumulated over time. According to Jung, the encounter with the collective unconscious is deadly, and the natural man has no warning before it overtakes him. Artists, poets, and musicians benefit from its illuminating influence, while the psychic and the mystic also find new insights and understandings. Intuition is considered a sort of knowledge, and the unconscious is seen as a source of insightful solutions.

“We have not forgotten our ancestors, but we begin to sense their presence in the dark. We recognize their shadows here and there. They were once as real as we are. We would not be here if not for them. Our natures and theirs are indissolubly linked despite the aeons that may separate us. The key to who we are is waiting in those shadows. – Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan”

Oh, the sadness that washes over those ruled by Neptune, carrying them away in the waves; it is a torrential rain of emotions, and the type is not a shallow sea, the individual runs deep, and there is something kind of sweet in this despair; it is a feeling, and all the water signs yearn to be in the emotional landscape. Neptune is a haven from the harsh realities of existence, but the sensitivity of living things can be overwhelming at times. The skin is incredibly sensitive, with virtually no limits; living beings within it feel delicate and vulnerable, and they express themselves using a unique language that speaks directly to the soul. The word “divine” is connected to this energy and to supernatural powers. That which is eternal is divine, while what we experience every day is an illusion. It’s a link, a revelation of light, to a higher power that comes from inside.

In a moment of awareness that someone you’ve known for years still has a private and mysterious inner life, and somewhere in the hallways of their personality is a door locked from the inside, a stairway leading to a wing of the house that you’ve never fully explored-an unfinished attic that will remain maddeningly unknowable to you. “Gnossienne”


Our dream life is a window into our soul, and we can achieve ultimate freedom by closing our eyes and experiencing our imaginations, dreams, and a state of ecstasy. This was best put by Stephen arroyo:

Neptune ideally represents the urge towards transcendent freedom wherein we lose the limitations of the ego-personality and become free from the boundaries of both intellect and ego. Neptune represents a yearning to experience a state of oneness with all of life, a merger with the whole of existence, and a dissolution of all boundaries.