Mercury Trine Uranus

725104a3c292a053f81099c1d1a8c54bMercury trine Uranus has a humanitarian, independent and free-thinking mind. The individual likes to put their mental energy into progressive spheres, which they believe will make a positive contribution to human development. This could include scientific work, astrology, or computers. Above all, they believe knowledge should improve the quality of life for others. The Mercury-Uranus person arrives quickly at their viewpoints and sheds new light on old subjects. They have little patience for boring subjects, and they have a liberal approach to learning. The type changes the viewpoints of others by looking at things from a widely different angle, a new perspective, and uninhibited outlook.

Mercury-Uranus aspects are often interested in unorthodox subjects and studying human behavior. Uranus offers flashes of intuitive insight, creativity, and brilliance to the mind. The individual will involve themselves in new ideas that allow the mind to function clearly and objectively. Mercury trine Uranus is splendid at solving problems in science, electronics, maths, computers, or even the occult. Enjoyment is found in the making of new discoveries and their mental powers are greatly speeded up; they tend to make connections very quickly and are way ahead in understanding subjects that others study laboriously.

Mercury-Uranus seeks his or her own truth and they’re eager to communicate their insights. The person is an experimental thinker and excels in dealing with abstract concepts. The mind is always open to new ideas and there may even be flashes of real genius. Knowledge is exciting and highly stimulating, but they can become impatient with less informed minds. Mercury combined with Uranus is extremely inventive, with a keen interest in anything unusual, and others find them insightful discovering a great deal through their conclusions. Technological advances are interesting to these people and they’re quite adept, too, at introducing new methods into existing systems.

The individual can be markedly open-minded and unbiased in their viewpoints, and they have the right idea just at the right time. Mercury trine Uranus may be a marker for an enlightened intellect, and they may be great at speed-reading, intellectually leaping from one idea to another, and suddenly making a connection. It can be difficult keeping up the pace with them, especially for minds which need more time to grasp a new concept.

General: Lucid, wide awake, willful thinking. Unconventional perceptions and erratic thinking. Unique ideas. Sudden Insights. Keywords for Astrology