Saturn in Gemini

saturn-in-geminiThose with Saturn in Gemini need to learn and seek knowledge and to communicate clearly and fight the need to control communication for a sense of security. The defensive nature of Saturn can show through rigid thinking, intellectual doubts and difficulty in opening up to others and sharing ideas.

These individuals are mastering lessons in using their mind efficiently and believe they have been left behind in the natural development of these skills and abilities. As they have got older they try hard to become an authority in some area of knowledge and they may enter a career involving teaching, counseling, bookkeeping, secretarial, sales or media work. These people can work systematically, are serious and deeply conscientious about their communication skills.

Those with Saturn here have developed an intense dislike about learning new things because they are scared of reliving those moments they felt inferior to others in the past. Speaking in front of groups may be particularly hard for them and they feel self-conscious about handing in written essays, forms and taking tests.

With Saturn in Gemini, there can be a deep reluctance to express themselves and many are brought up in extremely witty, intelligent and articulate households, but they are afraid of the expectations placed on them by of others. Saturn usually requires us to do for ourselves what we feel we have been denied, and so every small success feels like a milestone has been achieved.

Some were brought up with little to none conversation at home, and perhaps their early education was restricted or maybe there was a learning disability, speech defect or other problem that has affected their confidence and, as a result, feel inferior in the area of communication.

The difficulty in expression may be physical and they could have been slower to talk, walk, or had problems with hearing. Saturn in Gemini types are afraid of being ridiculed for their opinions, ideas, and this is why they take their time to define their thoughts.

Saturn in Gemini may also reflect frustrations with traveling in the immediate environment, siblings or neighbors. There may have been responsibility for brothers or sisters growing up. The individual may also be afraid of appearing boring, uninteresting, and unoriginal.

People with this placement often want concrete facts laid before them. Saturn here can insist on real information and their thinking can at times be overly cynical.They are disciplined thinkers and are good at analyzing planning, and organizing small events. However, these skills have never come naturally and they have had to work incredibly hard.