The third house represents communication, our ability to express ourselves, short journeys, siblings, cousins and neighbours. It is associated with early schooling and our attitude and relationship with knowledge itself, and planets in this house describe how we learn.

The type of knowledge in the 3rd house is derived from facts and is associated with learning. This realm shows how we interact with our world and is concerned with our interchange with the immediate environment and how we go about linking our ideas with others. It also rules our everyday comings and goings.

Any tools of communication such as the telephone, mail, letters, and writing, are ruled by the 3rd house. This house represents what we think and communicate about, and the types of communication found in this sphere relate to the everyday routines of life. The 3rd house represents the intellect and the 9th house signifies our intuitive mind.

In the 3rd house, we learn the rudiments of language and communication skills, and it describes what interests a person and what kind of books they may like to read. It reflects our need to perceive, analyze, label, categorize, exchange thoughts, and all forms of correspondence. The third house represents the native’s need to acquire knowledge from the world; it’s how we understand life, and how we formulate our experiences.

The 3rd house provides a seperative function, for once a person develops an idea and speaks or writes it, it belongs irretrievably to that person and becomes an expression of his or her identity…One of the most powerfully transformative ingredients of psychotherapy is the formulating and articulating of inner experiences. By Liz Greene

The third house is about learning on the intellectual social level and rules all forms of media work and sales. Those with a third house emphasis have an insatiable need to communicate with others and their curiosity about ideas and people are endless. Sometimes they have a sibling who plays an important role in their lives, and they are often talkative and good multi-taskers.

Many writers have 3rd house planets and powerful aspects to Mercury. In terms of our early development, the third house corresponds to the stage of life when we want to explore our environment, so we begin to crawl and walk and assert our independence and freedom. More importantly, language development is the gateway to social interaction with other people in our environment.

Traditionally the third house is known as the “concrete mind” and is concerned with rational and sequential thought, and planets in this house show how quick, intuitive, confident, or analytical we are with communication and language skills. It has been said that developing effective interpersonal communications are amongst the most difficult activities human beings undertake. For many people, social interaction is a way of learning, and no subject can be learned without adequate language skills.