Moon-Saturn Transits

Moon-Saturn Transits

When Saturn transits the Moon by conjunction, square or opposition this period may be quite challenging on the emotional level. Saturn aspecting the Moon can be somewhat depressing, and there is almost always a feeling of isolation.

This transit is about learning how much strength and self-sufficiency we really have, and to help us learn these lessons we are prone to feeling lonely, isolated and even neglected by loved ones. Our need for security forces us into sobering introspection, so this may be a time of hypersensitivity, feeling low in spirits, and being in a permanent heavy mood.

We may not be feeling very confident right now, feeling deeply insecure, hurt and resentful. Others may respond by withdrawing their emotional support, but we may not be able to accept the love and support of loved ones, family members and friends.

We feel misunderstood and isolated from the world, and there may be excessive worries, fears and a negative attitude or sense that no one out there understands or cares about our needs. Love relationships, parental separations, and partnership tests may occur under these transits.

Saturn transits signify a time in our lives when we are asked to let the inner child, grow up on an emotional level, by realizing that others cannot always provide the warmth, security and comfort that we need. The sense of rejection, negative criticism and feeling that others have failed us, also force us to learn that we really only have ourselves to depend upon in this world.

Moon-Saturn transits involve painful lessons of emotional self-sufficiency, and learning how to operate as an independent individual, but this doesn’t mean that we don’t need other people, all human beings long for emotional companionship. According to the vastly under-recognised astrologer, Dane Rudhyar, Saturn is essentially the formative energy in the horoscope, and is the framework or skeletal of the individual being.

Moon-Saturn Transits: Emotional Frustration


We feel unusually emotionally inhibited and more shy than usual under this transit, and may not be able to let down our emotional defences. Moon-Saturn transits could represent more responsibility for a parent, and this may be a time to face the degree of emotional dependency we possess, and obstacles, frustration and a generally depressing time involving our mother may also arise.

The home life may have more responsibilities, and increased domestic burdens, and problems may surface in our personal life causing great unhappiness. We could be feeling very under the weather and below par at the moment, and need plenty of rest, food, care and nourishment. Women from the past may re-enter the life, and sometimes relationships with older women are formed. We generally feel burdened in our close relationships, and feel that we are carrying all the emotional burdens and responsibility alone. However, during this time we may discover new emotional strengths and resources that we didn’t even know we had.

We may even feel like an abandoned child under Moon-Saturn transits, and have nowhere to turn for support. Others are not responding to our needs, and we find it harder to recognize the support which is given. We have to discover how to look after ourselves, and maintain a mature attitude by learning to become more practical, organized and disciplined in our personal life. This is the ideal phase in life to define our emotions, and face a period of emotional restructuring, self-reflection and organization.