Moon in Cancer

New Moon in CancerThe Moon in Cancer is powerful since it’s placed in its own sign. This placement represents something of an extra powerful luminous experience. It refers to inconstant moods, a fertile imagination, and an emotional, over-sensitive nature. It has a tendency to be bruised more easily leaving emotional wounds which can lead to brooding and moodiness. The Moon being so strong in Cancer gives you deep insights into the past. Yet, in the present there may be a profound preoccupation with feeling safe, and this is usually something provided by family, a reliable job, or a role in a social group. Cancer’s landscape is the sea shore and this is a lot different from Pisces’ boundless depths of the ocean, so you depend on the rocks for shelter and lives between the sea and the land. All Non-verbal communication represents the water signs domains. Thus this position of the Moon is highly sensitive to the emotional undercurrents in the environment. Cancer is said to be the sign of the Sensitive and has mediumistic abilities; following gut instincts and heightens the psychic faculty.

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