Discovering Astrology

ALICE_IN_WONDERLAND_universeI remember when I first discovered astrology, it was an extremely exciting time. The subject introduced itself in my early teens, but the real meaning of this celestial study never really hit until later. The major psychological impact of this art dawned on me when I was about 22 years old. I was buying more advanced books at this age; the ones that went past the usual Sun sign descriptions.

However, I would say that my real involvement with astrology happened when the planet Uranus (Astrology) transited over my natal Sun as it passed through the 7th house of my horoscope. [pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]It was the first time I had ever bought a computer and was able to connect to the internet and so had access to a whole community of people (Uranus). I joined my first astrology forum (Uranus) and I was opened up to a whole new world where I could discuss my interests with others (7th).[/pullquote]

The following years, when I was still experiencing the Uranus transit through the seventh house further crossing over my Moon-Mercury conjunction, I built up my collection of astrology material and bought plenty of books, software and various programs from the internet.

Many people when they first become interested in astrology read every book they can find on the subject. Most of us are hooked on astrology and are eager to have our charts drawn up and interpreted. We still don’t know why astrology works, but it works. Maybe it defies all rational explanation, but we find new insights about people, and the universe as the macrocosm and man as a microcosm is something which applies accurately to the study of astrology. The idea of the causality between the universe and the individual was accepted as a fact.

On a mental level, the world opened up, and the realm of ideas and the design behind life was very exciting. It was kind of like an Alice in Wonderland experience when she opens up a door to a whole new dimension. I looked to the universe to answer my deepest questions about life. I never knew how far the rabbit hole would go, and I still haven’t given up looking for the truth. Knowing astrology has definitely changed my view on life (Uranus in 3rd house), and has also enhanced it in many ways.

Astrology has existed for over 6,000 years, and experienced a real decline for a number of years. At one point in time, astrologers were being persecuted and threatened with the death penalty. According to the history of astrology we owe much to Alan Leo for its resurgence in the 19th and early 20th century. Alan set up a sort of “sweat shop” of astrologers who calculated charts for him and had assistants writing out his observations. From what I have read it was the cheapest form of publication and was simply made up of pieces of paper stapled together and sent out. Nonetheless, it sent the information out and the public could have easy access to the art of astrology.

Astrology became massively popular in the 1960s/70s and one huge trend behind this change, happened when we moved away from the fatalistic readings that had been used in traditional astrology, and included a more psychological point of view and thought of astrology in terms of greater consciousness for man.