The Family Scapegoat

family-scapegoat-astrologyThe Scapegoat receives all the blame for the troubles in the family and this person often feels a sense of rejection and alienation. Aggression, hostility and frustration are directed at one member, and they become the scapegoat for the family’s problems and is often made to feel guilty and is forced to carry a sense of sin. Scapegoating can be seen as a form of bullying, exclusion, denial, and accusing behavior.

The black sheep of the family becomes the cause of sorrow at home and may even be shunned completely. The astrological significator for family scapegoating and being labelled the black sheep of the family can vary. Sometimes it is seen with Pluto in the water houses 4th, 8th, or 12th and may be an implication of past complexes left over by family members that have been left unresolved for many years. The water houses represent things moving unconsciously through the family psyche. Pluto in the 4th house is often left to deal with a family fate of some kind, but they may be the agents of family change and transformation, and so there can be positive aspects to being the black sheep if it brings healing to old conflicts.

Pluto in the 12th house has unfathomable and complex emotional guilt and feelings of persecution, and it is not unlikely for this individual to take on the role of family scapegoat. There is sometimes a dark history of abuse, brutality, or violence running through the ancestral line, and the individual senses that there is something shadowy lurking in the background and within the family inheritance. Plutonian people are sometimes forced to admit to crimes they didn’t even commit and made to feel a sense of shame. Pluto people may also bear the brunt of a family attack and the blame for familiar troubles. However, Pluto people don’t generally shy away from deep emotions and are not afraid of confronting some of the deeper issues within the family, but the black sheep is usually someone who the family devotes lots energy to when discussing the individual.

Many astrologers have indicated that Plutonian children, in general, can feel like the black sheep, and they may express entirely different characteristics from the rest of the brood. The scapegoat or black sheep are usually identified as being the sick, bad or deviant one at home. Pluto in the watery houses can represent a family secret, past shame, and unspoken and hidden conflicts and they can be a carrier of the family demons. A scapegoat in the family may take unconscious responsibility for everything, and this may include anger, rage and shame. In psychological terms, this person is often called the” identified patient,” and may be viewed as the sick or unwell one in the family.

Saturn may be another planet associated with carrying heavy burdens, guilt and a deep sense of responsibility, and may believe that they are responsible for all the problems around them. A Neptune scapegoat in the family feels more of a sense of past victimisation, helplessness and powerlessness. Neptune in the 12th house can act as a sort of medium for long forgotten ancestors a flowing vessel of collective sorrows, sadness, sacrifice and unfulfilled dreams. The 12th house is the house of self-undoing and planets here are in danger of becoming the victim/scapegoat for far-reaching family conflicts. There may also be emotional, mental, drink and drug problems in the family history. Neptune in the 12th house can feel victimised and be labelled as the troubled one and the source of all the problems. The family may have a long history that contains some mental illness, victimisation or unfulfilled longings.

Twelfth house planets exclude and isolate themselves from the family and sometimes gain the title of the family scapegoat and take on the burden of healing past conflicts. Neptune in the 4th house may also represent strange dependencies on drugs or alcohol, and a sense of suffering in the past. Neptune is called the victim-redeemer and those more influenced by this patterns in the horoscope are more prone to sacrificing themselves to this image. Sun-Neptune or Saturn-Neptune aspects are also indicated and they are more willing to take on the blame. Neptune aspects to the personal planets are very inclined towards scapegoat behaviour, and introverted signs such as Virgo, Capricorn and Scorpio or strong 8th and 12th house placements may also be seen. Saturn-Pluto aspects have also been called the Hitler and persecuted scapegoat, so this connection found in the water houses will have the same problem.

We might also delve into the lunar aspects as they relate to the feeling of family connection and belonging, and if are the family scapegoat of black sheep, the further away from the family, you would think the better, but it seems we will put up with some sense of destructiveness in the family rather than be completely isolated.

Many people have a powerful need to identify with their historical roots, and suffer great anxiety if they are torn away from their place of origin. They would rather risk pain and even death than pack their bags and move somewhere else. Often we cannot understand why people persist in living on the slopes of active volcanoes which are guaranteed to erupt periodically, or remain entrenched in zones of obvious danger. For the same reason many people remain in miserable marriage or destructive families. The terror of being alone, a wanderer in the world is deemed worse than the suffering and claustrophobia of their situation. The Moon cannot bear isolation, and will often cling to a family demon rather than pursuing an unfamiliar independent angel. The Luminaries: The Psychology of the Sun and Moon in the Horoscope (Seminars in Psychological Astrology)

Uranus aspects also get the stamp of the outsider placed upon them, and they march to a different drumbeat and it may signify someone in the family that they find odd or different. Chiron in the natal chart is also another signification representing wounds, and the feeling of being an outsider and different, and we can also look at the synastry of the charts of those who are scapegoating us.