Moon Conjunct, Square, Opposite Pluto

The Moon in aspect to Pluto indicates that you’re engrossed in esoteric fields, the occult, mysteries and metaphysical subjects. Moreover, you have an investigative, self-exploring nature, and there’s a need to peer deeply into all psychic realms. Understanding human beings at a deep level, you probe into the contents of others’ psyches, digging around and uncovering their hidden depths.

When there is a conflict between the Moon and Pluto survival really is key in your personal life. This aspect tends to create emotional disturbances, physical illnesses, and highly dramatized emotions. Through long-repression, these feelings of yours make their way up to the surface with far greater power than they normally would if they were not forced underground. Emotions are frequently over analyzed, but this helps you get to the root cause of something and release pent-up energy. Yet, when intense emotions accumulate, forcing their way out compulsively, you may find yourself involved in violent confrontations which create sudden and dramatic life changes.

With deep feelings and emotions so intense, others may be subject to your jealousy, secretive nature, and will be inexplicably drawn into your emotionally-controlled personality. Some people will accuse you of overreacting, dramatizing pain or being theatrical, and may not recognize that your greatest need is for emotional authenticity. With the Moon in aspect to Pluto, you may also experience emotional blockages inhibiting the sharing of your deepest self. Early trust issues may make you feel bad, ashamed or frightened about letting yourself be that vulnerable again. You may be extremely protective of your emotions, heavily guarding against attempts at power and control.

Many times, you’re involved in magnetic attractions which are profoundly sexual and totally compelling. In actuality, you often need partners to impact and transform you in some way. Commonly, you have often had very difficult relationships throughout your life, and it usually concerns feelings coming out from the shadowy places of others. However, psychologists do say that we must select someone who shares the same or similar conflict. Being noted for having a possessive and absorbing nature, you’re also not likely to waste yourself on a casual lover. The bonds you form with others are often all-consuming, but sometimes this overbearing nature also chases away the people you need the most.

Individuals rarely live lightly and the aspects often describes a familiarity with and/or an ability to process crisis, sometimes due to early brushes with tragedy, death or mental illness in the family. Not afraid to confront and demolish, Moon-Pluto skills can include the empowering of others, the transforming of family situations and the regeneration of homes and gardens. The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook (Astrology Now)

A tendency for manipulation is sometimes evidenced with this aspect and this is usually used as a means of keeping others close. Even though you can be quite successful in the area of relating and particularly in understanding the psychology of emotions, you can also feel powerless. Moon-Pluto easily feels humiliated because all emotional experiences are taken so very seriously and cut deeply. Every emotional encounter is a life-or-death experience and sometimes comfort and intimacy may be used manipulatively. You can definitely handle others strong emotions, without feeling overwhelmed; there is nothing loved more than transformation. You’re so emotional, obsessive and intense that you would live only for a partner and even die for him. Above all, total commitment is what you really need, no pretending, just somebody who genuinely cares.