Moon in the 6th House

moon-in-6th-house-astrologyThose with the Moon in the 6th house find they’re affected by their emotional states at work, and will often need to find security in their daily routines. The instinctive urge to function effectively, and live a healthy life, feel useful to others are likely to be priorities. Wherever the Moon is placed in our chart is where our feelings tend to fluctuate. When the lunar aspect of our personality is placed in the area of health, service, and work, then, all of these areas of life tend to change. We also find that our sense of well-being fluctuates depending on whether we feel our emotional needs are being met.

The Moon Needs Work

People with the Moon placed in the sixth house often find that they need work that fulfills them on an emotional level, and sometimes this means working in a domestic, caring, nurturing environment. They are likely to possess well-rounded skills at work and may show proficiency and skilfulness in food preparation, health, and hygiene. The sixth house is also concerned with self-improvement, analytical introspection, and craftsmanship. At the same time, common occurrences of this placement are of having an interest in working with animals, charitable work, a live-in job, or, at least, to feel at home there. As shown above, the Moon here needs to be in a role of service where they can implement their practical skills to help make daily life run like clockwork. To sum up, whatever the individual is doing every day feels like second nature to them, and they seek security in what is known, familiar, and predictable.

The Moon Needs Rituals

If the Moon receives difficult aspects there may be some stressful health conditions connected to daily life. That is to say, the person may change jobs quite frequently or people at work may find them moody, unpredictable and irritable since what they do every day is linked to their moods, habits, and needs. Correspondingly, they are also inclined to psychosomatic states/ hypochondria; and should be on the lookout for inherited family health problems which could present an issue for concern. For some, there is an intense focus on their body and nutrition and, due to having the fragile Moon in this domain, they tend to be quite sensitive and prone to digestive problems. Often the individual needs to be careful of diet, due to their emotional well-being fluctuating and with the individual seeking comfort.

The Moons Needs a Natural Working Style

Because the Moon rules family the individual may work with family members or need to work with people who feel like family. To put it another way, they may help emotionally support those at work and, at many times, take on a mothering role. Conversely, they may also act like a baby on the job and like to be cared for and approached sensitively. In the main, helping is something that comes naturally to them and the working style could be imaginative, adaptable and intuitive. On the whole, they naturally pay attention to the details in their daily affairs, and routine, procedure and technique are important aspects involved in their crafting, whether this is, generally, in the home or in their daily lives.

“Daily rituals like making the coffee, taking tea at four, and the bath last thing at night gives them a feeling of continuity and well being. By Howard Sasportas

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