Saturn in Pisces

tumblr_ne6s0ypoQA1tmgqyxo1_1280An individual with Saturn in Pisces can be caught in a psychological ocean of secret dreams, the psychic realm and their imagination. The deeper levels of the subconscious can make them feel vulnerable and defenceless. It is important for them to find some time alone, as they have the poet’s thirst for love, unity, and beauty. Saturn in Pisces is learning to manifest their dreams, longings and other-worldly vision into something tangible. They have artistic and spiritual discipline and they find security in their beliefs and have intuitive and psychological insights into others.

Saturn in Pisces fears the inner chaos that is hidden underneath and needs to go much deeper within, but they are afraid of letting go emotionally and feeling helpless. Saturn here dislikes the thought of everything getting out of control and fears the chaos that the Piscean archetype contains. Therefore, the individual defends themselves by self-sacrifice and constantly being the victim and wrapped up by the guilt of past mistakes.

The person is learning to have faith in something behind reality, a higher power because they fear the invisible, and these lessons usually come about the hard way. Pisces is the sign of service and Saturn rules career, and, thus, the individual may be drawn to careers involving social care, hospitals and institutions. Underneath, there is real sensitivity to the sadness in everybody, and they cannot bear to see others suffer.

Saturn in Pisces may have excessive anxiety, emotional troubles, and neurotic and psychotic tendencies. Physical illness may also be a problem, so the person may need to spend some time in inactivity. Saturn here struggles with both the upward and downward spiral of life from introversion, escapism, and giving up. Pisces is slippery, hard to reach, and contradictory, whereas Saturn needs security, order and control. Saturn in Pisces can make them changeable, depressive and in danger of drowning in the choppy waters of life. Lessons involve sacrifice, humility and acceptance.

Sometimes with Saturn in Pisces, it is the marker of a missing parent. An authoritative parent in life, who is hard to get hold of. Pisces has difficulty with boundaries and the planet Saturn teaches us how to create structures, barriers and self-protection, so they feel at a loss of how to achieve it. In early life, they may not have had many opportunities to develop their sensitive, artistic and creative side and have been criticised and discouraged from this path in childhood. Parents might have believed that it was not a practical occupation and made the individual feel inadequate and, as a result, this has blocked the imaginative side and personal inspiration. With Saturn in Pisces, it will help tremendously to ground those dreams and make them a reality.