Saturn in Libra

Saturn in LibraThe individual with Saturn in Libra is learning to define what is right and wrong, and sometimes this reflects a deep need to follow certain rules and to do what is right. However, this may come at the cost of their own desires as there is a need within the individual to not be selfish and a fear of expressing their own opinion at times.

The person craves to be perfect, and security is about social ideals and trying to keep everything harmonious. They are somehow afraid of judging wrongly, and they are slowly understanding how to relate to people and about justice. The individual learns about responsibility to others, about sharing, and getting along fairly. They may need a relationship deeply, but others with this placement of Saturn may feel burdened in a marriage, marry later and can be afraid of being dominated, criticized or rejected or fear being on their own.

The placement works well for those who work with the law or anything that involves mediation skills, music or art. Counseling, and work that involves beauty, consulting and social work may appeal to the person. They may have to deal with contracts quite a bit, business deals, and learn co-operation. There may also be times that they will have had to survive injustice, but strength and success will depend on how they put things back in order and their duty to others. Saturn in Libra may have reflected an authority figure who was fair-minded, political, or artistic. Perhaps this authority figure was scared of being judged and not making the right decision and may have been extremely indecisive, and this could also be a possible area of weakness in the individual.

In Libra Saturn is in his exaltation, and is therefore very strong and beneficent…We shall therefore find that the natives are well able to take care of themselves and exercise both tact and judgement in management of their personal affairs. Astrology: Your Place Among the Stars

The area of relationships may at times bring struggle, hardship, and frustration, but they are also likely to learn the most important lessons in life through facing whatever obstacle confronts them. One of the most significant lessons could be about compromise. With Saturn here, the person is cautious entering a new relationship, but they are never careless with their affections, and they learn to take relationships seriously and not to give up so easily. They will feel the need to fulfill their obligation in any kind of partnership role, and they learn that their actions do have a direct consequence on others.

The Ancients believed Saturn to be strong and exalted in the sign of Libra and this was said to mean that the planet had the strongest and purest action with this placement. The individual may understand the importance of being a part of society and enjoy learning about human relations. They are concerned that everybody has what is rightfully theirs, and about relating fairly on every possible level.

Photograph by Ashley Holloway.


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