The 4th to 12th House

The 4th House is Family Ties


The 12th house is Ancestral Ties

The 4th house rules our immediate family and the 12th house goes a lot further back in history. Just by looking at these pictures it really makes you wonder just how much the past is affecting us today. Perhaps in our distant past there are some real juicy stories to be shared. Haunting memories left in the mists of time that are still lingering around us with some kind of psychic residue. People say that History offers us lessons, and so maybe there is a “past” that still impacts us handed down by our Grandparents and their parents that could reveal a lot about our current conflicts.

A past history could involve all kinds of stories of abuse, murder, suicide, religious conflicts, money problems and there would also be positive stories, too. Many of the legacies have been handed down to us by our grandparents, and so it’s hard to just blame our parents for the past when it goes much further back.

The problems we struggle with in this life could echo something our grandparents faced. Perhaps it would be interesting to see how the family has evolved over time. Long forgotten relatives that we feel sympathy towards may share a similar personality and plight that refers to what we are facing in our life.

Some of you may have searched your Family History and know quite a bit about where you came from and what sort of Ancestry (12th) sits behind the family unit (4th).