Neptune: Heavenly Music – It is the Only Thing that Saves Me

Neptune: Heavenly Music - It is the Only Thing that Saves Me

Song helps to drown the world out, and we press mute and enter into a world of our own.


Music describes how I feel with its lyrics, I feel complete and whole again. It makes me feel like I’m not alone. It makes me want to forget about all the painful thoughts and just have a good day. I just find it amazing how just the sound of music can make a person feel such a way.

When you’re alone, it’s even easier for you to break out in song and dance to some music and forget about anything else. Even hurt and pain can be forgotten for those moments you are concentrating on how the music is making you feel…Sometimes, I think, music is the only thing that saves me…Sometimes I think it’s the reason I can close my eyes and not have to reach for pills to make everything stop. When negative thoughts start swirling around in my head or fighting takes a whack at me, I’ll go to my room and switch my iTunes on… Forget the ice-cream… I guess music really does make everything better.

Speaker To Each Side Like My GuardiansDrums and guitars echo inside me, just like sandblasting an ancient building my mind is cleansed and carried away pushing my memories to the back of my mind and drowning them out – maybe sleep will come

It really does help drown out the heartache, sadness, whatever I’m feeling. Right now, I am definitely going through some hard times inside myself. I am trying to deal with these negative emotions in a more constructive way, like going to counseling. I am even reaching out to GOD. Not as much as I need to though. Hopefully, I will do what I know will help me the best..

This group completely understands me. Anytime I’m feeling bummed, depressed, or especially angry, I go to my computer and put in my headphones. I choose a song depending on my mood, and instead of dwelling on my thoughts I focus entirely on the song. I don’t notice anything around me, I get completely lost within the song and it provides instant therapy. In my entire life, I have found nothing that can help me deal with my emotions as well as music can. It is like a drug to me but not in a bad way at all. Music has always been very important in my life. It has always helped me. It soothes my soul!

Neptune rules the Ocean  andthe oceanic pull is very seductive for many Neptunian people, whether its falling in love, listening to music, seeking solace in a bottle, living as an artist, there is something completely intoxicating about Neptune’s world, and we long to quench its thirst.


Neptune: Heavenly Music - It is the Only Thing that Saves Me

After reading a Scientific article about how unexplored the Ocean is the realization dawns that it cannot be quantitatively measured by Scientists (just like space). No one has ever reached its depths, and just like any Neptune person it contains multi-layers, secrets and an undeniable sense of mystery. We talk about Pluto’s sign, Scorpio, and how rivers run deep, but as far as Neptune is concerned it is endlessly deep.

The thing about Neptune’s communication is that its most powerful form of communicating to us actually comes through the arts, and it has the ability to paint a picture a thousand words could never articulate. Neptune creates this private insular world, and shields us from life’s harsher realities. Neptune is our addiction, rescuer, savior, drunk friend, safe place, and retreat. The watery world is where we run to when the world feels cold, rejecting and uncaring. We look to Neptune when life is not living up to our dreams, high ideals and romanticism.It is where we lose our sense of time, it is seductive, holds us spellbound and ropes us into leaving the mundane world and spending more of our time in fantasy, romance, art and beauty.

We see a beautiful piece of art, hear divine music or feel something that resonates deeply and we are carried away by Neptune’s ocean. Neptune can be a dangerous Femme-Fatale for she shimmers, sparkles and cloaks herself around whatever it is we fantasize about and provides just the right hook for us to fall under her spell.

Neptune: Heavenly Music - It is the Only Thing that Saves Me


Music and film (both ruled by Neptune) are good examples of modern day magic wherein people can get so swept up in the moment that they forget themselves. One can sit down at the movie theater in a dreadful mood and ninety minutes later depart feeling elated and inspired. Although it’s impossible to predict what makes a hit, everyone certainly recognizes it when it materializes. Suddenly that one song on radio is being dedicated by millions of fans to millions of their sweethearts… The effect of glamour is analogous to sipping a love potion and falling so desperately in love with the image of something that you want to become it–or at least be a part of it. Ruling Planets: Your Astrological Guide to Life’s Ups and Downs


Pisces (ruled by Neptune), which often has a weak memory for earthly things , seems paradoxically to be the sign which does not altogether lose the memory of heaven when it descends to earth. Hence its restlessness and its eagerness to try ever-various shapes and forms of experience seeking to recapture Below what is seen Above. It is the sacred quest for the Holy Grail…So it is the Final Absolution that I would take leave of Pisces. Essays on the Foundations of Astrology

“The Sea wash all the world’s ills away”

Music is dope.