Neptune, 12th House and Pisces People

Pisces loves to lose consciousness

Wakey, Wakey, rise and shine. Pisces it’s time to switch on the conscious button, face the day, and make those dreams come true.  It’s well known that, Neptune people enjoy sleeping, as it is the perfect escape, for the consciousness is entirely suspended. In the tarot spread, the Hanged man  (Pisces card), spent hours and even days suspended in a trance-like alternate reality. It suggests such an individual should also suspend themselves from everyday life and spend time in meditation, silence and dreams, and try not to worry about everyday stresses.

It is believed that these nighttime images hold all of our wishes, and longings that long to be fulfilled, offering insights into our deepest desires and emotional state. Many dreams are regarded as ‘ghostly’ and their psychological significance is often placed in high regard on the analyst’s couch. Furthermore, it is suspected that we can retrieve the minor details of childhood and critical incidents with the use of dream work. It is thought that the unconscious holds all the records and recordings of everything in our past and is like one giant storehouse of information.

Without sleep, we can’t function properly, and we need to close our eyes in order to recharge and restore our batteries, and we put the conscious mind on pause and begin dreaming. In Astrology, Pisces, Neptune and the twelfth rule over fog, smoke, mirrors, music, art, images, forgotten memories of people, places and events, as well as cameras – all of the creative tools needed to make a motion picture in the dreaming head.

Neptune rules drowning, it’s sink or swim

Neptune key words are water, drowning, deception, treachery, self-sacrifice, seduction, obsession, mystery, and prophecy. The big blue planet can make us feel like we are drifting along in life, lost and confused. Neptune is a common transit at the time of suicide, overdoses, and loss of personal control. We drown our sorrows, turn to alcohol and give up on life. The root cause of Neptune’s despair may be a fear of being swallowed by what is hidden in the depths of the unconscious. Neptune people find it hardest coping with the real world, and instead of trying to find a way to fix the problem, they are sucked under and trapped in the swamp of their emotional insecurities.

A dreary existence is a complete nightmare for these soulful creatures

Reality is hard to bear and this is world is a nightmare, it is a drab, grey and dreary existence. The Piscean, Neptune, or 12th house person isn’t the average soul, they need colour, beauty, and art to light up the soul. Otherwise, they are totally miserable, vacant, and depressed. Neptune seeks to dissolve the boundaries and limitations of the world by raising it to another level. Often escapism through dreams, creativity and music – temporarily release them from the bonds of mundane reality. Still, they have a difficult time coping, and feel more at home in this other reality. The tears of a Pisces represent the longing to go back to this other realm. Neptunianpeople are extremely sensitive and soak up negativity like a sponge. Moreover, they have a shy, romantic and dreamy side to their nature.

Neptune people see a light in people, and have a vision of hope for others, and humanity. However, when their spirit is crushed, they sink straight to the bottom of the ocean, and feel a sense of hopelessness overtaking.

Pisces disappearing into the other-world

Here is Pisces performing their best party trick – the famous disappearing act. Sometimes you could be talking to a Pisces or Neptune friend, and suddenly notice, they have drifted off someplace else. The lady simply vanishes, right before the eyes. Pisces, Neptune and 12th house people are great at creating an illusion, and when the world is too much to bear, mysteriously disappear, making a great escape.The Neptune type will always find some excuse to leave, runaway, and slip into another realm, especially when they are feeling uncomfortable and out of sync with reality.

Some good advice below:

The fish wants to swim away to tranquil waters. You want to escape – and escape comes in many forms. You can flee into fantasy and not deal with reality. You may escape into addictive behavior, using food or alcohol or tranquilizers to dull the senses. You may sleep twelve hours a day. You may escape into other people, hoping they’ll shield you from the hard stuff your’e facing. Another escape is through denial..taking the easy way out seems so easy. But, in fact, it muddies up your life and causes untold heartache – far more struggle than the original struggle you didn’t want to deal with in the first place. the truth is that the easy way out is to take responsibility. Pisces by Joanna Woolfolk