Neptune in 7th House

Those with Neptune in the 7th house find this planet most commonly expressed in the area of relationships. Its position describes the qualities, traits, and characteristics they tend to meet in others.

This realm is traditionally known as the ‘house of marriage.’ Similarly, it describes our significant others and indicates the kind of partner to whom we are attracted. This sphere of life should never be taken lightly, for it is markedly a reflection of our inner selves. To further enumerate, relationships are some of the most important and powerful experiences in our lives.

When planets are placed in the 7th house they fall into our projections, those qualities within ourselves that are reflected back to us. This means that we see both positive and negative traits in others before realizing they are our own. It is through others that we live out the unconscious parts of ourselves. When Neptune occupies this position in the horoscope – it is usually the other person that becomes the carrier for this symbol. Essentially Neptune is a part of our own make-up and, moreover,  Jung termed these projections ‘imaginary relationships’.

Those with Neptune here will often cherish, idealize and fantasize about the loved one. It is, therefore, important for those with Neptune in this position to choose carefully in relationships and to be honest with oneself. The planet is most concerned with the fantasy element of life, with attention to what we believe is true. Neptune can dream about having a relationship with someone they could never have in reality. However, there are other dimensions of Neptune and this watery planet can feel a psychic connection with an important person, so it could also involve a partner who they feel a strong spiritual connection with and feel as if they are the one.

When we were children we often dreamt of the perfect relationship, but it is not until we are adults that we understand the reality. Some astrologers would argue that Neptune in the 7th house will always be prone to imagining a partnership of perfect bliss. This is frequently the placement of those who believe in Prince Charming, or to put it another way, they believe strongly in the idea that they have a soul mate.  The meeting of the other half usually has a fairy-tale element wrapped around it. The person is often waiting to be rescued, or a deep down a spiritual connection and unconditional love are longed for ideals. However, this belief in loving someone unconditionally, if taken too far, lands the person in troubled waters in relationships. It can get to the point where they’re willing to accept anything from a partner, maintaining the illusion no matter how many flaws are presented.

Even true soul mates might find themselves arguing over who does the washing up, or the proper way the toothbrush should be squeezed. Howard Sasportas

More often, those with Neptune in the 7th house are attracted to partners who are artistic, musical and creative; there could be a shared interest in the arts. For some, the type of associations they form with others could be a religious, spiritual, or of a psychic kind. With Neptune in this position there is the possibility of the victim/savior archetype coming into play. This happens when the individual falls in love with the illusion of rescuing somebody. It is commonly referred to as the falling in love with ‘wounded birds’ syndrome. The potential partner may come across as being vulnerable, needy, or over-dependent in some way, that is to say, they are usually in need of saving –  alcoholism, drug addiction, abuse; those with complex emotional problems/nebulous past. The person, thus, believes that their love interest has never been fully understood or loved, and takes the relationship on like a project, believing they can fix these problems.

In these type of relationships, there’s a tremendous amount of guilt that binds it together, and this can also make it feel suffocating. In many ways, being involved in these kinds of connections makes one partner feel like the stronger person, and he/she could avoid facing what is vulnerable helpless and needy within oneself. If the weaker partner gets better, it can be difficult because then a sea of unmet emotional hurts, the feeling of weakness and hidden vulnerability comes crashing back towards them like a giant tidal wave. This is how projections work in reality; moreover, the Descendant forms a direct line back to the Ascendant, suggesting that it is through relationships where a connection is found back to the individual.

The Neptune in 7th house person can sometimes suffer disillusionment, sadness, and disappointment through being easily seduced by others, thereupon, not always perceiving a partner clearly. Sometimes the person is willing to sacrifice everything just to be with one person. It is in relationships where the individual experiences Neptune’s ‘drowning’ and rose colored glasses. This kind of Neptune relating, overall, is totally addictive; the partner becomes like a drug.

The placement of Neptune here could involve in a public scandal, or even rope the person into relationships through deception. This occurs through extramarital affairs when the husband plays the victim locked up in an unhappy marriage with a woman he proposes he does not love. Conversely, Neptune in the 7th house may play the role of the deceived partner, subsequently, through such betrayal becomes a victim in the marriage.

Those with Neptune in the 7th house need to learn, most of all, how to be more objective in relationships. Still, they have the power to experience an extremely close and sensitive bond with a partner. Neptune here could probably teach us all a few lessons about sacrifice, to be loved unconditionally, and have a deep compassion for others. The levels of understanding are unparalleled, and there can be a lot of highs and lows, but also a lot of joy is found in relating in this house.

A final point, an important one, is that this is not only a one-to-one house and can be about public relations. In this light, it is not surprising that we often find such a person especially sensitive, empathetic and compassionate towards others slip easily into the role of counselor, healer, and social worker. There is often a great talent for psychology with the strange ability to infiltrate individual barriers. Indeed, such persons are born with the rare capacity for deep insights into people, but this house is also one that belongs to others in every possible sense of the word. Neptune in this sphere is always serving ‘others’ in some capacity and gives great service to many people from all walks of life.