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Pluto Aspects – Who are you Kidding?

According to astrologer, Liz Greene, the pretense that Sun-Pluto women will adopt to cover up another, more powerful personality is rather fascinating. Many individuals with dominant Pluto aspects pit themselves against survival tests, and will do this in relationships. Those with inharmonious Sun-Pluto aspects (Conjunction, Square, and opposition) often end up in a relationship with a “powerful” man who may wield an enormous amount of control over the relationship. A friend of mine possessed a Sun-Pluto aspect and her relationship was violent, abusive and also passionate, but the life was squeezed out by the extreme stranglehold her partner had over it. There were times she seemed to live (Sun) for the drama (Pluto) and could never let go, even when he caused an inordinate amount of pain. My friend was projecting this dominant shadow onto a male partner and it is one that can be reflected upon authority figures, and when we unload Pluto onto another individual we see it through possessiveness, manipulative behavior, bitchiness, and devouring. The Plutonian type of man will try to exercise psychological control over women, and the female often endures their jealous rage, desires and destructive influence.

Understanding our own inner nature is a really important aspect of astrology, and most likely the most vital part of learning. This is why the cosmological study is so important and helps us to try and understand the psychology behind each individual. We could then try to figure out why such a woman with a powerful aspect in her horoscope will endure such abuse where one person grows in power at the expense of the other. When we feel this sort of vindictiveness from another it is usually highlighting a wound that we did not even know we had, and it tends to spill out like venom. If we hide our most real and honest responses we lose the opportunity to transform a situation and we also cheat ourselves and the people we care about.

Astrologically the Sun illuminates whatever it touches and when it makes contact with Pluto it brings to light the hidden, repressed, and blocked energy in the personality to transfer it into far reaching changes. A man who comes into our lives representing this figure (Pluto) natally or through a Sun-Pluto transit, is really the illuminator of what we feel inside. In the Astrology of Fate, Liz Greene indicated that the “volcano is often located wherever Pluto is found in the horoscope. “ Wherever Pluto is located we may have a surge of explosive emotions erupt in our lives.

Pluto was named after the God of eternal darkness, and describes our loss of innocence and we exchange this for experience and maturity, something one may not have possessed before. Through early pain, loss and wounding we can use this new self-awareness for emotional growth. All of this happens in accord with Pluto’s function, which is to eliminate old thoughts and patterns of behavior preventing further development.

Sun square Pluto is a peculiar aspect in a woman’s chart because more often than not it is unconscious. The will to power, and the capacity to wield power through subtle emotional means, is not something which many women of that generation would admit; and in even younger generations it is not an easy aspect for a woman to live, because it is considered “unfeminine” by the collective. A good example of this is Margaret Thatcher, who has the Sun square Pluto. More often, the woman with Sun-Pluto will pretend that she is weak and helpless, and will apparently give the power away to another; but then she becomes the victim, and can manipulate through guilt. I have met many women with this square who try very hard to portray a fragile, fluttery persona, while underneath there is a stainless steel spine. They are about as fragile as the Rock of Gibraltar. The Development of Personality: Seminars in Psychological Astrology (Seminars in Psychological Astrology ; V. 1)

Pluto is common in the charts of those who emotionally blackmail others. The psychology behind it is that Pluto is a demanding planet to begin with. It will usually ask a lot out of  an individual and when its powers are used for blackmail a strong Pluto individual will first make a demand. If the individual resists they begin to exert pressure and use terms like: Don’t you love me?/Can’t you see I only want what’s best for us’. If the person still refuses to do what the other asks the Plutonian makes threats in order to force the other individual to do what they want, and as always it involves a power-struggle. However, many Pluto people are also incredibly sensitive to hidden-agendas and have probably been fooled at least once in their lives, but as the saying goes..’Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.’ There is no truer Pluto quote than this and the truth is we really need to learn these important lessons for our survival, even if it strips us of some of our natural trust in others.

According to psychology manipulators are usually frustrated people that feel the need to take drastic action in order to get what they want. The planet Pluto is famous for its intense frustration in life, obsession and denial of something or someone passionately desired. The Pluto person only goes after things in this manner that are vital in some way, and they are also protecting themselves from possible loss. Blackmailing is really a cover for neediness, deep insecurity or possessiveness. The roles of being in control and controlled can be interchangeable in Pluto relationships. We often find that some Pluto people are overt in making their demands and others are far more silent letting us know more subtly what will result if they don’t get their way.

It’s the people closest to us that can have the most power, and they can threaten to cut us off financially, promise divorce, and verbal or physical abuse  (Pluto, 8th house stuff). Difficult Pluto relationships often involve beating up the other person emotionally and it doesn’t have to be this way. We are more authentically powerful than we believe and don’t have to resort to this kind of manipulative behavior that is sometimes the result of being manipulated ourselves in the past.